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7 Ways to Smoke Weed Without a Pipe

How to Smoke Weed Without a Pipe

7 Ways to Smoke Weed Without a Pipe

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As regular weed smokers, we tend to forget things here and there. Forgetting to bring your pipe along to a party or a picnic? Tragic. But don’t let a lack of glass ruin the potential for a good night. There are a few ways that you can still enjoy weed without a pipe, bubbler, or bong nearby.

Sure, some of these suggestions are pretty ridiculous…but are you even a stoner if you haven’t made an apple pipe out of desperation?

Roll a Joint

Joints are a classic alternative to pipes. They’re certainly easier to smuggle into somewhere, and in places where rolling cigarettes is common, joints can be more discreet.

Near a convenience store? Just pop in and ask for some cigarette papers. If you’re grabbing some weed online, add a pack of rolling papers just so you have them with you. They’re like, two bucks. Just do it.

Role a Joint

If you don’t have cigarette papers on you…well, you still have options. We’re not going to recommend one material over another, but here’s a list of things that people have used to roll joints in the past:

  • A page from the Bible
  • Any sort of notebook paper (the thinner the better)
  • Onion skins
  • Corn husks
  • Rose petals

Okay, rolling a joint with cigarette papers is hard enough, but rose petals? You guys are troopers.

Blunt Wrap

There are only two problems with joints: they’re a bit of a headache to roll (if you’re a newbie,) and they don’t fit a whole lot of bud. Blunts solve both of these problems.

When you hit the convenience store, consider grabbing blunt wraps over cigarette papers. If you have the bud to fill one, you’ll enjoy it for longer. They even come in nifty flavors, if you’re into that!

Vape Pen

Bro, you vape? Then you’re one step closer to fixing your no-pipe dilemma.

Many cannabis connoisseurs have taken the vape trend and added their own green spin to it. Vaporizers generally go down smoother than smoking and is more discreet anyway. There are vape pens on the market that look like lipsticks, sticks of gum, you name it. So go crazy.

Of course, you have to buy a vape pen before you can use it. There are vape pens on the market that allow you to vape regular old flower. Other vape pens require a little bit of finesse. You can either buy cartridges filled with cannabis or make your own “vape juice” using marijuana oil. It’s up to you.

An Apple (Or Any Fruit)

Oh, yeah. Here come the materials of desperation and massive creativity. You know it, you love it, you’ve probably tried to finesse an apple bong before and realized you didn’t have any tinfoil lying around.

Truth is, you can make a pipe out of any fruit or vegetable lying around. We’ve seen pineapples. We’ve seen pears. We’ve seen an attempt to use a banana, but don’t even bother with that one. Too squishy. Gross.

How to Make Gravity Bong

Basically, any fruit that will hold its shape as you scoop out a tunnel can be used as a pipe. All you need is a little bit of tinfoil, a pen or other scooping tool, and your bud. Suddenly your picnic became much more fun!

Gravity Bong (Using a Milk Jug)

Oh, the heavy hitter of a gravity bong. If you haven’t smoked out of one of these bad boys before, you’re in for a real treat. A gravity bong, also known as a grav bong or a water bong, just requires a plastic bottle (or milk jug,) a larger container for water, and a bit of tinfoil.

(Best to just keep some tinfoil on hand at all times, isn’t it?)

Beer Can

If you’re at a party and desperate for a DIY pipe, you shouldn’t have to look too hard. You can just use a regular old beer can! And here’s the great news…you don’t even need tinfoil to make it.

We’ve got longer blog posts with instructions on how to make different pipes and bongs, but the beer can pipe is pretty darn easy. Finish your beer (obviously,) and crush a bit near the middle with your fingers. This will create the “bowl” that you put your weed in. Since the can itself is aluminum, all you need to do is poke a few holes to create an airflow.

You inhale out of the top of the can. If you want to add another little hole in the back, go for it. It’s not necessary but live your life. Pop your weed in the bowl and enjoy! Don’t forget to recycle your can when you’re finished.


We’re going to round out this list with something sweet. If you’ve got some solid candy lying around, you can make a pipe that complements the sweet taste of strains like Girl Scout Cookies or Chocolate Thunder.

You can probably guess how to make a candy pipe at this point. Get yourself a pen or another sharp (but thin) object to poke holes with. Make a tunnel that connects the hole you smoke out of to a place at the top of the candy. Smudge down a little bowl at the top of the candy and poke some holes for airflow. Pop in your weed and enjoy!

Word to the Wise

Now is probably a good time to mention that you shouldn’t make a habit out of these fake pipes. Sure, fruits and vegetables are good for you, but inhaling plastic and smoking out of cans is not healthy in the long run.

This list offers just the basics of the no-pipe-desperation world. If you’re really desperate, you can make a pipe out of anything. Well, just about anything. With a little bit of determination, a little bit of creativity, and a little bit of tinfoil, you’ll be able to enjoy your bud no matter where you are.

(Or you can always just buy a pipe, bubbler, or bong online.)

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