Turn your next weed sesh and/or medication into a fun and more convenient one by using a marijuana vape! A weed vaporizer works just like your regular vape. The only difference is regular vape cartridges use juice while weed vapes can use cannabis buds or concentrates.

Vaping cannabis is more convenient, discreet, easier, and healthier compared to your traditional smoking methods like lighting up joints. Unlike traditional smoking methods or cigarettes, vapes use small metal coils and batteries to heat the weeds and concentrate to extract the cannabinoids. Using vaporizers provides a more consistent dose, cleaner hit, and is very accessible!

Speed Greens provides a wide array of cannabis vaporizers. We offer different types of vapes in various designs and colors that will make your next weed session fun and convenient. Whether you are looking for a simple vape pen, portable vaporizer, or a tabletop one, we have them all available here!

Choose the weed vaporizer that fits your needs and taste and turn your cannabis medication or session convenient and exciting!