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Straight Goods Dual Chamber Vape (6g THC) *SUMMER EDITION*

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We are the exclusive partner for Straight Goods Supply Co., we are the first to carry ALL the NEW strains!


EXCLUSIVE TO SPEED GREENS BRAND NEW Straight Goods Supply Co. Dual Chamber 6g

The NEWEST  “SUMMER 2024” DROP from STRAIGHT GOODS. April 25th, 2024

11 New Dual 6g Combos =  22 NEW Strains

  1. Blueberry Yum (H) + Tricks Milk (H)
  2. Cherry Kool Aid (I) + Tropical Melon (H)
  3. Guava Lava (I)  + Cali Shmorez (I)
  4. Skywalker OG (H) + Bubblegum (H)
  5. Strawberry Mimosa (S) + Birthday Cake (H)
  6. Super Boof (H) + Tangerine Haze (H)
  7. Watermelon Bubblegum (S) + Tom Ford (I)
  8. Death Star (I) + Pineapple OG (S)
  9. Donny Burger (H) + Sour Pebbles (S)
  10. Jaffa Orange (H) + Sequioa (S)
  11. Sugar Cookie (H) + Thai Stick (S)



DOUBLE the strains, DOUBLE the benefits with this NEW Dual Chamber Vape from Straight Goods

The most innovative vape in Canada, STRAIGHT GOODS DUAL CHAMBER SUMMER EDITION

Can’t decide which strain you wanna hit? Why choose when you can have both. Brand New Straight Goods  3g + 3g DUAL CHAMBER (6g THC) disposable weed vape pen with 16 combos (32 Flavours) with the same great amazing benefits so that you can have more of what’s good.

Speed Greens is your #1 retailer for STRAIGHT GOODS.  We are always FIRST to market and have access to exclusive limited edition flavours from our friends at STRAIGHT GOODS Supply Co.


Double trouble, double fun is what you'll get from this disposable weed vape

Enjoy a fantastic duo of strains and flavors

Straight Goods 6g THC (3g+3g) disposable weed vape has choices of indica, sativa, and hybrid so it’s perfect for users who are looking to target a specific condition or even just looking for a specific type of vibe. Choose from a combo of variations of the indica/sativa/hybrid strains to relax your body and mind or try a sativa to increase your productivity and creativity.  Once you allow the psychotropic effects to fully take effect in your body, they are more intense. Few things have the same impact as this disposable concentrate or marijuana vape pen.


DOUBLE the power, DOUBLE the flavour (3g+3g) = 6g VAPE

You're not seeing double, you can have two strains in the palm of your hand

The Straight Goods Disposable works on a draw-activated system. As you inhale from the tip, the device heats the distillate. When you exhale, it takes the vapor form. The device features an easy-to-use adjustable airflow to control the strength of each inhale. This all-in-one disposable vape pen is incredible for traveling, first-time vaping, or if you want to try out a new brand of THC oil. The versatility is second to none with this weed vape pen!


Press side button 5 times within 3 seconds to turn on device, press button to vape.

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Image #1 from Eric
Image #1 from Eric


Blueberry Cookie was sweet 😋

Image #1 from Eric
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  1. Blueberry Cookie was sweet 😋

    Image #1 from Eric
  2. Très bon et durable

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