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Grounded High Dose Leafs Gummies | Variety Pack (1000mg THC)

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Experience the exotic allure of Grounded Leafs – From the zesty brightness of lemon to the tropical allure of passion fruit, this pack offers a diverse flavor experience.

Pieces: 10 x 100mg
Total Dosage: 1000mg THC



Find Some Re-Leaf With Grounded High Dose Leafs Variety Pack Edibles

You wont be-leaf how amazing these edibles are! Each of these adorably shaped gummies is infused with a decent amount of 100mg of THC so it’s great for sharing with your friends to jump start the vibes. Also if you need a little pick me up for yourself, just the tip of each leaf is all you need to go a long way! Try out Grounded High Dose Leafs high dosed hand-crafted cannabis infused gummies that are made with all natural ingredients today. For the latest edibles, Speed Greens online dispensary is your number one source.


  • 1000mg THC
  • 10 pieces per pack x 100mg each
  • Flavours: Lemon | Passion Fruit | Watermelon | Raspberry | Mango

You will be the life of the party with these delicious edibles!


This Edible has a ton of benefits that your body will love

Edible gummies with 100mg per piece can offer a range of potential medical, physical, and mental benefits. In terms of medical benefits, they may provide effective relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, as the gradual release of cannabinoids can induce a prolonged and soothing effect. Physically, these gummies may assist in reducing inflammation and muscle tension, contributing to a relaxed state. Mentally, the balanced combination of THC and CBD can lead to a calming and euphoric experience, aiding in stress management and mood enhancement. However, individual responses vary, and it’s crucial for users to start with lower doses to assess tolerance and avoid potential adverse effects.



Have an experience with these edibles that will leaf you breathless

THC edibles, consumed orally in various forms such as gummies or chocolates, offer users an intense and prolonged high compared to other consumption methods. The psychoactive effects are characterized by a strong body buzz, deep relaxation, and heightened sensory perception. The onset of the high is delayed, typically taking 30 minutes to 2 hours, as THC undergoes digestion and conversion into a more potent form in the liver. Novice users are advised to start with low doses to avoid overconsumption, as the duration of the high can last several hours. The high is influenced by factors such as metabolism, tolerance, and individual sensitivity.



Each leaf edible gummy is packed with amazing features

Each pack of Grounded Cocks THC Gummies has a total of 1000mg THC. It contains 10 tasty cannabis-infused edible gummies with 100mg THC each.

These THC candies need time before the effects start to kick in. For first-timers, start with 1 gummy and wait for an hour to feel the full effects kick in before ingesting more gummies. Remember, cannabis edibles need time before you feel any effects. Just like any powerful concentrate, do not consume too much, too fast.