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Grounded High Dose Bricks | Berry Bonanza (2000mg THC)



Dive Into a delightful explosion of mixed berries with Grounded Bricks – Berry Bonanza. Each bitee bursts with a medley of berry flavors, making every moment a fruity delight

Pieces:  2 x 1000mg

Total Dosage:  2000mg THC


Make Your Day Berry Special With Grounded High Dose Bricks – Berry Bonanza THC Edible

Feel the excitement build up with Grounded High Dose Bricks – Berry Bonanza, a potent and flavorful cannabis edible experience. The delightful burst of berry fruits is like a party in your mouth and a festival for your senses that’s sure to make any day 1000 times better. Each package contains 2 bricks, each infused with a whopping 1000mg of THC, resulting in a total dosage of 2000mg THC. Ideal for experienced users seeking a robust and intense high, Grounded Bricks deliver a concentrated burst of flavor and potency, promising a bold adventure into the world of high-dose THC edibles.


2 x 1000mg pieces


You Can Berry Your Problems With This Delightful THC Edible

Grounded High Dose Bricks – Berry Bonanza offers a robust THC edible experience with 2000mg total dosage, distributed across 2 bricks at 1000mg each. The potent concentration provides seasoned users with intense mental benefits, inducing a euphoric and uplifting high that can heighten creativity and mood. The sweet and tangy blend of berry fruits promises an invigorating sensory experience. On the physical front, users may expect a strong and relaxing body high, potentially aiding in muscle relaxation and mild relief from discomfort. This high-dose edible caters to those seeking a powerful and well-rounded cannabis experience, combining concentrated mental and physical benefits with a burst of citrus flavor.


Jam Out With This THC Edible and Bring Some Good Vibes

Grounded High Dose Bricks – Berry Bonanza, boasting a substantial 2000mg THC total dosage distributed in 2 bricks at 1000mg each, promises potent mental effects and a strong physical high. The elevated THC concentration is likely to induce intense mental benefits, delivering a euphoric and uplifting experience that may enhance creativity and mood. The infusion of a tangy blend of berry fruits adds an invigorating element to the sensory journey. On the physical side, users can anticipate a robust and deeply relaxing body high, potentially providing relief from muscle tension and mild discomfort. Crafted for experienced users seeking a heightened and encompassing cannabis encounter, this high-dose edible combines concentrated mental effects with a pronounced and enjoyable physical relaxation.


A Powerful THC Edible That May Not Be Suitable for Beginners

Each pack of Grounded Bicks THC Gummies has a total of 2000mg THC. It contains 2 tangy medley of berries cannabis-infused edible gummies with 1000mg THC each.


Strawberry Hibiscus

Blue Raspberry

These THC candies need time before the effects start to kick in. For first-timers, start with 1 gummy and wait for an hour to feel the full effects kick in before ingesting more gummies. Remember, cannabis edibles need time before you feel any effects. Just like any powerful concentrate, do not consume too much, too fast.


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