Mushroom Edibles

Shrooms are essential in traditional medicine for their therapeutic powers and characteristics. It has been shown to have positive benefits on health and the treatment of certain ailments.

Taking magic mushrooms or shrooms raw is not for everyone. But not to worry. We’ve got you covered with our wide selection of shroom edibles! The best way to take shrooms is to ingest them in chocolate, candy, capsules, or drinks.

Our edible mushroom selection has a potent but precise mushroom dosage allowing you to know how much you’re ingesting at any one time. If you don’t want to go on a complete psychedelic trip, you can take a lesser dosage to improve your creativity, sharpness, and overall mental health without having to take the rest of the day off.

We offer top-notch mushroom edibles like Realm Artisanal Mushroom Chocolate, Bloom Edibles Assorted Chocolate, and Alice Micro Dose Capsules. Our Mushroom Edibles collection offers a range of high quality and excellent edible mushroom selections to keep you a level higher! Get one from our collection of shrooms today!