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Zonked Disposable Pen – Live Resin Blend (1g THC)



A disposable weed vape packed with THC and flavor

Disposable Zonked Live Resin pens provide a pleasant, strong flavor and a THC content of 88–94%. Experience one or all of the delicious flavors they have to offer, a perfect fusion of live resin and flavor-infused infusion. In conclusion, Zonked is a mouthwatering vape you won’t be able to get enough of if you’re seeking for!



A discreet and delicious way to experience weed vape benefits

The weed vape is your new favorite method for quick relief

Weed vapes for marijuana are a great substitute for rolled joints. You’ll discover that you continue to experience all the regular levels of bodily and psychological comfort. There is no limiting its potential; you can use it on short-term or long-term situations. It relieves chronic pain, headaches, and migraines as well as inflammation. You can employ rushing thoughts for times of stress, depression, and anxiety if they don’t impair your judgement. You can either use the strain you buy to obtain an energy boost or to relax for the evening. Vaporizers for marijuana are adaptable to all lifestyles!



This weed vape has everything you love in a disposable with an added feature

Enjoy all the delicious flavors and effects of zonked weed vape pen

Zonked Disposable 1g THC vaporizers are the best choice for users who want to feel the benefits of cannabis immediately and quickly. In comparison to other cannabis consumption methods like edibles or tinctures, inhaling delivers the cannabinoids directly to your bloodstream with little to no waiting period. If you need a tiny jolt of energy to feel focused and alert, you can take a few hits. If you desire a restful night’s sleep, you might also take a lot of pills before bed. It should come as no surprise that many people find weed vaporizers to be soothing and comfortable.



Zonked disposable weed vape pen comes in 8 different flavors

Each disposable weed vape pen is packed with flavor and THC

Flavors Available:

  • Cherry Cola
  • Rocket Pop
  • Blueberry Scream-a-saucer
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Skittles
  • Maui Wowie
  • Raspberry Slushy
  • *NEW* Bubba Licious Bubblegum
  • *NEW* Gelato
  • *NEW* Pound Cake
  • *NEW* Fuzzy Peach

Each order contains (1) disposable vape

Live Resin Disposable Vapes by Zonked contains 1g of a live resin blend. Each vape consists of 88-94% THC content.

This disposable weed vape pen securely raises the distillate’s temperature to the ideal level in order to release cannabis components as vapor. It results in a safer, healthier, and less dangerous alternative to smoking. More THC from the cannabis can be converted into vapor with this method, which is more affordable than purchasing all smoking accessories (wraps, filter, and weed). Additionally, it is a more covert and practical way than smoking. Any worries about odor are soon allayed by the vapor. The size of the marijuana vaporizers makes them ideal for usage while travelling, and their ergonomic design perfectly suits the palm and fingers. Browse through Canada’s best selection of distillate cartridges.


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4 reviews for Zonked Disposable Pen – Live Resin Blend (1g THC)

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  1. My first time trying a live resin pen and let me tell you, the terps are just right. Not too light, not too strong. I ordered the cherry cola and i highly recommend this one for the flavor. The high is relaxing as well!

  2. Really nice quality product

  3. Got the Cherry Cola WOW great taste. It is mellow not a kick int the face high. Can not wait to try other flavors

  4. Just got mine today, packing is super cool and holographic and it tastes exactly like a slushie. It’s also small and discreet. always get nervous when testing out new products but this one is a nice high

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