Weekend Party Combo Pack + FREE GIFTS!

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7g x AAAA Strain Worth $65
7 x King Size 1.30g AAAA Prerolls $70
1 x Atomic Puck 1000mg (Random Flavour) $40

FREE Xpresspost Shipping $15-$30

1 x Bliss Edibles Party Mix Gummies (200mg THC) (BONUS FREE) $20 value

1 x Wheelchair (500mg THC) (BONUS FREE)
Milk Chocolate or Milk Chocolate Almond
$30 value

$70 in Savings

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Have an unforgettable party with the best edibles you can find!

Who doesn’t want to have fun after a week of working non-stop and all the stress? You can have fun and party the whole weekend when you purchase this Weekend Party Combo Pack! This combo is filled with the best edibles and kush to make sure your weekend is relaxing and unforgettable.


Speed Greens combines the best edibles for your benefit

Make your weekend fun with a party combo pack with different treats and freebies

The Weekend Party Combo Pack comes with different goodies that will help you have a fun and relaxing party after a week of work and stress. The best part is the variety and quality you get whenever you purchase this combo pack. You won’t get tired of consuming a single type of cannabis product. In this combo pack, you will get the high you crave and need while making sure your taste buds are happy.

You will surely enjoy the weekend when you have this Weekend Party Combo Pack!


The best edibles have the best effects!

Enjoy huge savings and experience the party you crave this weekend in one combo pack

Whenever you purchase this Weekend Party Combo Pack, you will the following:

  • 7g x AAAA worth $50
  • 7 x King Size 1.30g AAAA Pre rolls worth $70
  • 1 x Atomic Puck Green Apple Edible Gummy 1000mg worth $40
  • FREE Xpresspost Shipping worth $15-$30
  • 1 x Bliss Edibles Party Mix Gummies (200mg THC) (FREE) worth $20
  • 1 x Atomic Wheelchair Milk Chocolate (500mg THC) (FREE) worth $30

The whole Weekend Party Combo Pack is priced at $185. You will save $70 whenever you purchase this combo pack! No need to worry about quality because all the products included in this pack are premium and high-quality. You will get the best cannabis treats to help you party this coming weekend!


Make sure you know how to consume some of the best edibles around!

Be patient. Start with a low dosage and slowly feel the effects kick in for the best results

There are different advised dosages for different products. All the cannabis products included in the Weekend Party Combo Pack are very potent and effective. You need to make sure you are properly taking these products if you are using them for your pain medication. These products are infused with high-level distillates!

Do not consume too much too fast, especially for Atomic Puck Green Apple Edible Gummy. Weed edibles take a few minutes up to hours before you feel any effects. You might end up consuming too much too fast and end up being too intoxicated.

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4 reviews for Weekend Party Combo Pack + FREE GIFTS!

  1. raveygravy
    5 out of 5

    raveygravy (verified owner)

    Speed Greens never fails, amazing value and top quality as always.

  2. raveygravy
    5 out of 5

    raveygravy (verified owner)

    This party pack is an excellent deal. The joints are fat and smoke very nice. The wheelchair edibles are delish and very potent. As for the 7g, yall never disappoint. Thanks again speed greens.

    These bundles are always a great value. Keep up the good work!!

  3. jackyy89
    5 out of 5

    jackyy89 (verified owner)

    Received package fast. Great combo package with tons of value !

  4. thechristopher
    5 out of 5


    I received my orders yesterday, excited to try out “weekend party combo” thank you SG!

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