Vancity Kush (AAAA) – Hybrid Weed


EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Sleepy, Hungry
HELPS WITH Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Experience this splendid hybrid weed treat

Vancity Kush is an evenly balanced strain that delights your senses. It combines the indica and sativa weed strains effortlessly to give you the satisfaction that you deserve. You are sure to enjoy its effects from beginning to end. Discover what this hybrid weed strain has to offer!


Enhance your mind with the benefits of hybrid weed

Find out what works with your body and effortlessly ease your body’s aches and pains

Vancity Kush AAAA has many medicinal properties that make it the perfect pairing against your conditions. You can find relief in both temporary and chronic issues in terms of physical benefits. They can range from headaches, inflammation, and muscle spasms, to more serious conditions like arthritis and nerve damage. You might also see a boost in your psychological nature because of its uplifting effects. It will help you tackle moments of depression and anxiety. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, this hybrid weed is perfect for bouts of insomnia!


Notice what this hybrid weed strain has to offer

Vancity Kush will provide you with a sensational experience for a lasting impression

Why not wind down with Vancity Kush’s lifting properties. The onset of the high starts directly in the head, giving you a burst of energy. The boost in these types of weed strains will cause you to feel awake and alert, giving you bouts of creativity. You might find that you’re much more talkative and happy. This uplifting feeling will start to carry on into a sedative body high. At this point, you’ll feel your body sinking further. Your body will go through a period of relaxation that might just be your lullaby. If you haven’t passed out from its effects, be sure to have some food at the ready. The munchies are sure to kick in with this hybrid weed.


Entertain yourself by getting to know this type of hybrid weed

Discover what makes Vancity Kush the perfect pair for you and your cravings

Vancity Kush is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that is born from crossing Master Kush and Rockstar. It boasts a high average THC concentration, ranging from 19-26% – even experienced smokers beware! The combination of indica and sativa has a very complex taste that sits on notes of citrus and spicy herbs. The aroma is earthy and herbal that shares similarities with its taste in this hybrid weed! The bud comes in the shape of a heart that is neon green in color. It has dark orange hairs and sticky, crystal-like trichomes that litter all around! Find the perfect weed strain for you at Speed Greens today for quality you can trust.

7 reviews for Vancity Kush (AAAA) – Hybrid Weed

4.6 Rating
1-5 of 7 reviews
  1. Pretty good but also kind of ordinary.

  2. This one is a really good bang for your buck, I liked it a lot!

  3. Good taste and price. The buzz was very relaxed and sleepy if I smoke too much

  4. Oh ya! Beautiful smoke, nice quick hit from this smoke and a great high. Really impressed with the vancity! Can’t wait to try the Bruce banner waiting for me!

  5. Très bon rapport qualité prix! Bon weed de jour. Bon goût vanillé. Pas fort pour la gorge. Très contente!

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