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STORM WARNING (AAAA) Top Shelf Cold Cured + GIFT


Grade AAAA
THC 22%
EFFECTS Anxiety, Depression, Inflammation, Lack of appetite, Migraines
HELPS WITH Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Mood Swings, Stress, Depression


28oz comes with a FREE Zombie Kush Diamonds 1g ($35 value) | *limited time from Sept 27th – Oct. 15th, 2023

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Avoid the chaos of life with Storm Warning (AAAA) indica strain

The powerful hybrid strain Storm Warning, which is a cross between the well-known Crystal Storm X Jedi 41 strains, has a heavy indica dominance (90% indica). The immensely potent Storm Warning high is described by users as being intensely uplifting right away, leaving you incredibly spacey and with some psychedelic effects. For powerful indica strains, shop them online at Speed Greens!

Speed Greens is your source for EXCLUSIVE Cold Cured CRAFT Cannabis strains.


Cold Cured:  The process of a Hang-Dried Cure in a cold temperature controlled room to allow flower to reach their full POTENTIAL. Rich TERPENES, Maximum FLAVOUR, and the Smoothest BURN, taste the difference.


The indica strain perfect for a night in

Smoke the blues away with Storm Warning Top Shelf strain

Thanks to it’s high THC level of up to 22% average, it’s a versatile tool for treating anxiety, depression, inflammation, lack of appetite, migraines and other headaches, mood disorders, chronic pain, and insomnia.


Say goodbye to gray skies with this indica strain

Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and enjoy a relaxing night in

If you’re staying in, make sure you have food delivery on speed dial or keep a stocked fridge because this powerful indica strain will give you the case of the munchies. The effects are calming, much like taking a nap during a chilly rainy night. Users describe the insanely powerful Storm Warning high as one that is immediately intensely uplifting, leaving you incredibly spacey with some psychedelic effects. This head high is followed by a slowly building body buzz that is almost overwhelming at its peak, leaving you completely sedated and couch-locked.


Learn more about this powerful new indica strain

Warning: this strain will have you coming back for more

Storm Warning is a very rare heavily indica dominant hybrid strain that was created through crossing the Crystal Storm and Jedi 41 strains. The flavour and aroma of Storm Warning is gassy, pungent with notes of pine, wood, and flowers, with a smooth hashy flavour.

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2 reviews for STORM WARNING (AAAA) Top Shelf Cold Cured + GIFT

1-2 of 2 reviews
  1. Amazing terps! So skunky gassy and earthy with a heavy indica stone!

  2. Honest review of speedgreens Storm warning AAAA cold cured.
    Bag appeal – 9.5 out of 10. Can we just stop and appreciate this fat nug. Rock solid resin coated frosty bud with a dark green colour with a perfect mix of purps and pink throughout. Buds are definitely foxtailed but I love the look of foxtail and think it adds a honest touch to the bag appeal.
    Smell – 9 out of 10. Incredible terps coming off this pack the moment you open it up. Took a while to figure out my thoughts on this but you’re hit with an immediate funk then almost a smokey cheese.
    Taste – 9.5 out of 10. Taste is amazing! On the inhale you’re hit with that funk that is even better than it smells and a almost chocolate taste. The exhale is a gassy pine that leaves you wanting more.
    Smoke – 9.5 out of 10. Pulling apart a bud to grind and smoke left my fingers almost stuck together with resin. Smoked a full joint and was impressed with how well it burnt considering how resinous the buds were. Clean smoke with very little smoke and tons of flavour.
    Potency – 10 out of 10. Okay so the Storm warning from speedgreens caught me off guard. Absolute creeper strain that if you’re not ready it hits hard. After finishing the joint I wasn’t impressed at all with the high until 5-10 minutes later and was left almost in an uncomfortable state. I’ve heard of strains that can have an almost psychedelic effects but have never had one until now. The psychedelic effects weren’t long lasting but we’re very impressive.
    Overall – 47.5 out of 50. I couldn’t recommend a strain more to someone to try out. The storm warning isn’t something I’d want to smoke all day everyday but as something to have saved for a potent smoke that leaves you fully relaxed with reduced anxiety I absolutely will be doing! Well done speedgreens!

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