PURE MICHIGAN L.S.O. (AAAA) Top Shelf Cold Cured Organic

THC: 20-27%
EFFECTS: Calming, Creative, Giggly, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
HELPS WITH: Depression, Eye Pressure, Glaucoma, Headaches, Insomnia, Migraines, Stress


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Feel the breeze in your hair with this powerful indica dominant hybrid strain!

Pure Michigan is a rare indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain (70% indica/30% sativa) that is famed for its exceptionally high level of potency. It is a tasty bud that will leave any indica lover feeling completely fulfilled in both mind and body. Speed Greens is your number #1 online dispensary for EXCLUSIVE Craft Cannabis hybrid strains.

L.S.O: Living Soil Organic

Cold Cured:  The process of a Hang-Dried Cure in a cold temperature controlled room to allow flower to reach their full POTENTIAL. Rich TERPENES, Maximum FLAVOUR, and the Smoothest BURN, taste the difference.


The perfect indica dominant hybrid strain for relaxing

sit back and relax and let Pure Michigan Top Shelf take your worries away

Pure Michigan is a fantastic option for treating diseases including depression, chronic stress, eye strain or glaucoma, sleeplessness, and headaches or migraines because to its strong effects and high 20%+ average THC content. Patients who use medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of anxiety, sadness, and gastrointestinal disorders frequently pick Pure Michigan.


Feel happy and feel good with this indica dominant hybrid strain

Turn that frown upside down because its all good vibes with Pure Michigan Top Shelf

The Pure Michigan high is equally as delectable, and it has calming and uplifting properties that will make you feel good for hours on end. In this condition, you’ll feel joyful and creative, socially inspired, and prepared to easily engage in conversation with anybody and everyone nearby. This hefty elevation is accompanied by a relaxing body high that makes you feel completely relaxed from head to toe and occasionally sleepy.


Learn more about your new favorite indica dominant hybrid strain

Find out what makes this rare breed so desirable

By crossing the strong Oreoz X Mendo Breath F2 strains, the uncommon indica dominant hybrid strain Pure Michigan (70% indica, 30% sativa) was produced. Pure Michigan, which is renowned for its extraordinarily high level of potency, is a delightful flower that will leave any indica enthusiast feeling completely fulfilled in both mind and body. This flower has a mildly creamy vanilla exhale along with a sweet and slightly spicy nutty chocolate flavour. The aroma is remarkably similar, with notes of earthy pungency, spicy nuttiness, and a sweet mocha coffee overtone. This bud has small purple-tinted white crystal trichomes on top of fluffy grape-shaped olive green nugs with purple overtones and thin red-orange hairs.

5 reviews for PURE MICHIGAN L.S.O. (AAAA) Top Shelf Cold Cured Organic

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Image #1 from Christian Lee
Image #1 from Christian Lee

Christian Lee

Wow just wow this is one fire gas for sure

Image #1 from Christian Lee
4.8 Rating
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  1. Wow just wow this is one fire gas for sure

    Image #1 from Christian Lee
  2. Had a variety of strains bought and finally digging into this one and wow. Absolute fire strain 9 out of 10 just cus it ain’t in stock otherwise easily one of the stronger strains here. Definitely not for novice smoker’s

  3. Highest end luxury real estate

  4. Hell yes before bed time, this just got me blasted I freaking love it!!

  5. This strain is a sleeper.

    Amazing nug structure.
    Dense and Tight all around.
    Beautiful colour and the aroma is crazy.

    Two Thumbs up for Speedgreens.

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