Herbivores Jumbo Sour Keys (300mg THC)



Cannabis infused Sour flavoured gummy candy.

*3 candies per pack (THC 100mg each/300mg total)

**Please note that some gummies may melt during transport due to the extreme heat.**




Enjoy these delicious weed edibles

Medicating with marijuana doesn’t have to be limited to just smoking weed. You can buy cannabis candy online and consume Herbivores THC Jumbo Sour Keys Gummies. It contains 3 pieces of sour keys infused with potent full-spectrum oils to provide the pain relief and relaxation you need. Jumbo Sour Keys are a familiar treat, so why don’t you get some yourself. Are you looking to buy cannabis candy online? Speed Greens is your best bet!




Say goodbye to pain with these weed edibles

Take marijuana in a discreet and convenient way! It even tastes delicious

When you medicate using marijuana, the most common way is to smoke weed. This is problematic if you are in dire need and you are in a public place or live with children or pets. Don’t worry, weed edibles are here! You don’t have to smoke your marijuana, you can just consume Herbivores THC Jumbo Sour Keys Gummies and wait for the effects to kick in. These edible gummies are also ideal for people with respiratory problems.

Just make sure you are storing them out of reach of children and pets. These Jumbo Sour Keys are pretty easy to mix up with regular candies.




These weed edibles provide daily pain relief and anxiety treatment

One medication to treat many problems like pain, anxiety, insomnia, and low appetite

Herbivores THC Jumbo Sour Keys Gummies are infused with potent THC oil. They are known for their purity and effectiveness. With edibles, you just have to wait for at least a few minutes to hours before you feel any effects because the cannabinoids are absorbed through the liver. Jumbo Sour Keys are a great treat you should get behind due to their wonderful effects.

THC is known to help treat pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, low appetite, and muscle spasms. If you feel these problems, Herbivores THC Jumbo Sour Keys Gummies can help you out. Just be mindful of your tolerance for the right dosage and make sure you are taking the right type of cannabis edibles based on your needs.




These weed edibles are as potent and effective treat!

Start low and slow. Feel no pain and be fully relaxed after a few minutes

Each pack of Herbivores THC Jumbo Sour Keys Gummies contains a total of 300mg THC with 3 pieces of gummy, 100mg per piece. It means each piece of edible gummy is potent.

If you are a first-timer or beginner, we highly recommend cutting it into pieces to get the right dosage to avoid greening out. The ideal dose for beginners is 10mg up to 25mg, this depends on your body’s metabolism and tolerance level. Wait for at least an hour up to 3 hours before the full effects start to kick in. These Jumbo Sour Keys look exactly like their non-marijuana counterpart – so be careful not to mix them up!

IMPORTANT note: Some edible gummies may melt during transport due to extreme heat.



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4 reviews for Herbivores Jumbo Sour Keys (300mg THC)

  1. 3 out of 5

    Yahnickperry (verified owner)

    Gets you really high but I forgot how much I hate sour keys lol

  2. 5 out of 5

    thewitcher (verified owner)

    These bad boys did the job, exactly what I was looking for. It tastes just like the original sour keys. After an hour, it gave me a nice high. Thanks SG.

  3. 3 out of 5

    Andrew Fazekas (verified owner)

    These tasted really good, we’re fresh, and gave a decent high. They taste much better than the sour keys from Ed and Bill’s, but this high felt weaker for comparable doses. Also, I just feel like this is a somewhat bad idea for a product. For people who don’t use THC regularly 100mg is a big dose, and the non-uniform shape of a sour key makes it hard to divide. For me 100mg was ok, but even still I cannot really vary my dose with these. It’s either 100mg or 200mg… or 300 I guess heh. From now on I will stick to products that are more like 20-30 pieces per 300mg than 1-3 pieces.

  4. 4 out of 5

    Justin Martin (verified owner)

    Taste 100% like original sour keys not knock off brand ones.

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