Headlocc Top Shelf Weed (AAAA) – Indica Weed


EFFECTS Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Uplifting
HELPS WITH Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Inflammation, Stress

Headlocc captures your mind in a state of bliss

Headlocc is an incredibly rare indica dominant hybrid. In-House Genetics created this beast that boasts a high 20%-26% THC potency. Give yourself an otherworldly experience with Headlocc. Let it take hold of your mind. Are you looking to buy cannabis online? Speed Greens is Canada’s premium online dispensary!


Indica weed lets you ease your pain and stress

Your body’s condition is essential, so make sure you give it a break

Headlocc top shelf weed has several medical and psychological benefits, making it very flexible in what you wish. Relaxation from physical pain can help against chronic pain or temporary pain from injury. It helps treat everyday disturbances such as headaches and nausea. The indica properties give you a buzz that allows you to tackle mild pains. It lulls you into a state of relaxation if you have trouble trying to sleep. On the psychological side, the calming vibes of this bud can temporarily help with the troubling symptoms of depression and stress.


Indica weed has an array of effects for your desired high

Let its calming influence lean you into a state of bliss and calmness

Headlocc Strain AAAA gives your body a potent but smooth high that follows a euphoric rush. The high hits hard and fast before the indica properties take hold. A warming body buzz lets you dissipate feelings of pain and uplift both your mood and physical state. Although Headlocc causes drowsiness, some users feel more focused and elevated. A progressive relaxation spreads down through the core and limbs until your body fully integrates the high. Make sure you’re in a comfortable spot or position once that hits. An immobilized state of calmness is the guaranteed result.


Are you itching your head to know about this indica weed?

Headlocc is a fascinating and rare strain, distributed by only the finest distributor

Headlocc crosses Chemdawg and Nightmare OG to create this very rare indica dominant hybrid strain. The intense cerebral high and bouts of relaxation are attributed to the potent THC content. It has a fierce and gaseous aroma that sticks around the air as you smoke. This aroma has hints of herbal and woody tones. There are notes of spicy, plant-like taste, with a touch of diesel. Consumers also notice a taste of berry and pine. The buds are dark olive and purple, with amber hairs littering the bud. Trichomes cover the bud in a crystal-like appearance. Buy cannabis online to experience the full effects of the Headlocc strain.

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  1. Bedtime weed!!! Great smoke, but should be called bedloc not Headloc, tastes unreal burns good in bongs or papers

  2. Wow! this is that 2 toke timmy right here! It only takes 2 tokes to leave ya cross eyed. The nose was spicy and hashy and when I cracked a nug I even got hit with that cat piss funk. That being said its not the terpiest top shelf. The flavors are subtle, but its all about the effects for me with this flower. The bud structure is dense and the kief/crystals are caked on! when you break a nug open a lil pile of kief falls off theres so much. If you have a high tolerence and want something thats super heady try this one!

  3. I prefer to hit this strain out of a bong, hoping to calm down the onset of a panic attack. 2 minutes later, I’m shocked at how good I feel.

  4. Thanks SG for another good strain

  5. So this is a thumbs up strain, They should’ve called it the Headlock Instead.. fire!

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