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Harlequin (AA)

THC 7-15%
EFFECTS Energetic, Creative, Cotton Mouth, Relaxed, Focused
HELPS WITH Nausea, Pain, Anxiety, A Loss of Appetite, Depression

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Harlequin is one of many fantastic sativa strains if you’re looking to alert your senses. Make it your go-to strain if you’re trying to find cannabis at a reasonable price! You’ve come to the right place for the best selection of sativa indica hybrid strains! Don’t shy away; we have what you want.


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Find quick relief from your stubborn aches and pains

Harlequin AA is part of the sativa strains family, making it great as a pain reliever. The calming qualities help combat a wide range of physical and psychological issues. You will find that sativa indica hybrid strains help with anything from inflammation and headaches to arthritis and nerve damage. Its psychoactive properties make it the perfect pair when you want relief from anxiety, stress, and depression. You might find that its calming qualities are great for PTSD. If you find that these sativa strains are for you, look at our larger selection!


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Let your body discover the convenience that Harlequin has to offer

The energizing effects of sativa indica hybrid strains make it perfect when you need it. It does quick work by giving you a headrush that leaves you feeling quite focused and refreshed. You may find bouts of creativity if you need some encouragement for your tasks. You might even find that you’re more pleasant and friendly to those around you. Take a few hits, and you might find yourself focused on what you want. The rest of the high is focused on a relaxing and mellow experience. Grab somewhere nice to lay down or have some snacks at the ready!


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Harlequin is a sativa indica hybrid strain that crosses Colombian Gold, Thai, and Swiss Landrace. This strain has a 75:25 sativa to indica ratio, with a roughly 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. The sativa strain is noted for its flavour and aromatic qualities when lit. It has a fruity, mango, and earthy smell and taste, making it perfect for those searching for a tropical bud! It is an incredibly round and dense bud containing many trichomes. These sativa strains are known to have a couple of negative effects, such as dry mouth that might come through. In severe cases, you can get nausea and headaches. Not to worry! Enjoy responsibly by yourself or with others. If you’re looking for an amazing selection of sativa indica hybrid strains, Speed Greens is your #1 source!

9 reviews for Harlequin (AA)

4.6 Rating
1-5 of 9 reviews
  1. Great deal for the price. Solid smoke but not tge best tasting imo

  2. Decent quality for the price.

  3. A nice smoke, enjoyable buzz, gets me through the day and it’s a great price.

  4. Great price. Great daytime buzz. However it hasn’t been available for a while now.

  5. Harlequin is THE strain everyone needs in their rotation(or on constant supply). Think of Harlequin as the “classic” pot. I feel that harlequin was bred as a perfect strain. I’m yet to meet a single person who doesn’t love Harlequin. Thank you so much!!

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