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Grape Hash (AAA)



This locally made Grape hash is not for those looking for a sugar high from the fruit. Rather, it is a potent brown hash that was made locally on the island of Vancouver. They naturally added terps to make it tasty and potent as well.

Start with a small amount of Grape hash, as it is very potent and a little can go a long way. It has a soft, malleable consistency that makes it easy to work with, especially after the heat has been applied. A surprise awaits when you open your order because this hash smells exactly like Grapes


A hash you can add to your joints for a grape experience

Explore a world of mouthwatering flavours and euphoric sensations to take your cannabis experience to new heights. Prepare yourself to be taken to a place of absolute joy! Discover hash online at Speed Greens today.


Add Grape Hash (AAA) to elevate your experience

Make your days a little juicier with Grape Hash

This locally made hash is extremely potent with naturally terps to take your experience to a different level. With this hash, a little goes away so you can get more bang for your buck. Hash, or hashish, offers several advantages when compared to regular cannabis flowers. It is notably more potent due to its concentrated trichome content, requiring smaller quantities for the desired effects. Moreover, hash contains fewer plant materials like stems and leaves, resulting in a smoother and more flavorful experience. Its versatility allows for various consumption methods, including smoking, vaporizing, or using it in edibles and tinctures. Hash also has a longer shelf life and is more compact and portable.


You're gonna have a grape time with Grape Hash (AAA)

With Grape Hash, you're on your way to feeling grape

Hash, compared to regular flowers, is generally more potent due to its concentrated resin content, resulting in a quicker and more intense high. Its cerebral effects are prominent, often leading to euphoria and creativity, but this potency can also increase the risk of anxiety or paranoia, particularly for individuals with low tolerance. The onset of hash’s effects is rapid, but the high is relatively short-lived so it’s perfect for users who to get a nice quick fix but still need to function for the rest of the day.


Grape Hash (AAA) smells great, tastes great, and feels great

Start with a little, feel a lot with Grape Hash

Female cannabis plants produce hash, also known as hashish, in the form of a powdered substance at the plant’s flowering tops. Trichomes or crystals are the name of this material. Small sieves are used to remove the trichomes after collecting the resin by hand, mechanically beating the plant, or immersing it in freezing water to harvest hash. The last technique generates a hash known as a “bubble hash.”Typically, the residual kief is compressed into blocks that are subsequently smoked through pipes, vaporised, or combined with marijuana to make joints.

6 reviews for Grape Hash (AAA)

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Image #1 from Christian Lee
Image #1 from Christian Lee

Christian Lee

Smells like grape good priced hash

Image #1 from Christian Lee
4.3 Rating
1-5 of 6 reviews
  1. Great stuff, loves it!

  2. Delicious, very, very, “Grape” hash. It’s my “go-to” hash, when I want a change from Blueberry!

  3. smells like grape
    i like it for the price

  4. Smells like grape good priced hash

    Image #1 from Christian Lee
  5. Smells like grao and the high is pretty good.

    Only thing I didnt like about this and the coffee crisp hash is that when you hold a lighter to it,it shoots off little sparks etc like the terpenes or whatever they used for flavour/smell are being burnt off.
    Doesn’t make the product look quality at all.

    I wouldn’t buy the coffee crisp or this again.

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