IWC Moroccan Hash (AAAA)



This *IWC* AAAA+ quality 100% imported hash from Morocco is some of the best we’ve seen for quite some time.🏆  It has a beautifully pungent nose and a soft fudge-like chewy texture you would expect with a high quality hash.  The flavour is fantastic and the long lasting effects are really the perfect example of the best of the best.   *very limited stock


The IWC Hash is a rare hashish from Morocco

This IWC AAAA + 100% quality imported hashish from Morocco is among the nicest we’ve seen in a long time. It has a lovely pungent odor and the soft fudge-like chewy texture you’d expect from a high quality hash. The flavor is incredible, and the long-lasting effects are the epitome of the best.


Experience a hashish with a kick of euphoria

A sense of delight and excitement that helps when you’re having a bad mood

IWC Moroccan Hash provides changes in perception; including a feeling of relaxation, pleasure, or euphoria “high”. IWC Hash lets you experience delight or excitement, and powerful sensations of happiness. It also lets you experience nice or pleasant emotions ranging from happiness to ecstasy. In good sized doses, you can get rid of negative feelings and stresses of the day with this hashish.


Upon intake, this hashish hits you quick

With sweet floral profile, the Moroccan Hash is as rare and exotic as its ingredients

Sweet flowery flavor with an old-world “must.” The scent is not overpowering, but it is sweet and flowery. It’s semi-soft, not sticky, extremely gummy/shiny, and a lighter shade of brown. The interior is a bright blond color. It bubbles and has a distinct “melt” quality to it. Its somewhat strong stone is quite dreamy and appears to halt time. This is the finest and most fragrant trademark hashish that anyone may experience if they want a peaceful, strong, and long-lasting impact.


Hashish made from with Indica and Sativa strains

Best known for its Sativa Moroccan composition with Indica that can get you elated

The majority of pressed hash is solid and thick. The resin-filled trichomes from the cannabis flower are crushed after they have been sorted and processed. This is why there are so many incredible chemicals in such a short space. This is why, to boost the power and flavor of your smoke, you may cut off a small bit of hashish and add it to it. You can enjoy both the properties of the Indica and Sativa strains on top of it! Buy Moroccan hash at Speed Greens to experience the flavors and high it provides.

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4.9 Rating
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  1. My favorite hash of all time! PLEASE GET MORE OF THIS!!!

    So tasty and burns sooooo clean. Man I’m craving some of this right now .

  2. Most excellent Hash ever.

  3. Most excellent hash, great texture and very potent effects:) highly recommended:)

  4. This is one of my most favourite hashes , at first I wasn’t sure as I have had Ketama Moroccan before which looked very similar. But after working with the IWC Moroccan Hash I found this to be far superior, not only in smell, taste, texture but of coarse how it works. The freshness of this hash is just amazing, because it seems like it was just made yesterday. What a great find by SG who always seem to find really great hash.

  5. I received this product a week ago and would buy again . Nice smell, sticky and burns nice. Great quality.

    A little expensive but worth it.

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