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The newest edibles to hit the market comes from the creators of Dames Gummy Co. All we have to say is they are mouthwateringly delicious, don’t forget they’re infused. The mixed fruit flavoured 200mg pack comes with 10 – 20mg gummy’s dusted in sugar in many delectable flavours including -Mango, Pineapple, Orange, Green Watermelon, Coca-Cola, Strawberry, Green Apple, Grapefruit, Cherry, Pina Colada, Blue Raspberry, Grape and Orange Creamsicle. Treat yourself to a soft high-quality THC oil-infused gummy after a long day to relax, unwind and have an uninterrupted night of sleep.

Kick back and have a dank delight with the newest THC oil-infused gummy’s from Dames Gummy Co. Once you’ve tried the confectionery mastered gummy’s from Dames Gummy Co. the classic treat will never be the same. Even though they taste divine, they pack a punch leaving you in a euphoric relaxed state. Enjoy a 200mg package of 10x treats each containing 20mg of the highest quality THC cannabis oil ingredients.

Guaranteed effective and tasty cannabis edibles

These cannabis edibles contain 200mg of THC with 10 pieces of gummies per pack. Each gummy contains 20mg of THC making them very potent and effective. Dames Gummy Co combined the potent THC distillates with the tasty blue raspberry flavors. Their state-of-the-art mixing techniques produce these outstanding cannabis edibles. Buy edibles Canada at Speed Greens to experience a quality and consistent high.


Cannabis edibles to relieve all the pain you feel

Say goodbye to your back pains, say hello to a fully relaxed and calm feeling.

Working every day and handling many things at once can make you feel overwhelmed. In addition, sitting for hours in front of your desk can cause back pain. Sometimes all we need is a little boost and pain relief that marijuana can provide. But, you can’t light up a joint in public whenever you feel like it. What you need is Dames Blue Raspberry Gummies!

These cannabis edibles are infused with THC. Popping a few gummies in your mouth, even in public, will not attract any attention. It is very discreet but very potent. Each gummy contains 20mg THC, the ideal dosage for first-timers. No need to light up a joint, bong, or pipe just to get high, all you need is Dames Blue Raspberry Gummies!


Tasty cannabis edibles to help you sleep better at night

Treat yourself with a tasty gummy to elevate your mood and help you sleep

We all need and crave a good night’s sleep. It is not easy especially if you are too stressed out and anxiety starts to kick in. A little help from Dames Gummies can help you out!

Each cannabis edibles piece contains 20mg THC. This cannabinoid is known to help relieve pain which is ideal for people who sit in their chairs for hours. It also helps treat anxiety, nausea, low appetite, and insomnia. If you need a little help to deal with your insomnia, a single gummy can help you out! When you consume Dames gummies before you sleep, you will feel contented, happy, and fulfilled. A nice way to end your day. Buy edibles Canada now!


Learn the basics of consuming cannabis edibles

Control your dosage intake depending on what you want to feel

These weed edibles are very potent and contain 20mg of THC each. In addition, the effects need time before they kick in. Be careful when consuming cannabis edibles or you might get too intoxicated.

For beginners, it is best to eat 1 gummy then wait for 45 minutes up to an hour to start feeling the effects. If your goal is to experience a nice stoned feel, you can try 2 to 3 gummies then wait for 45 minutes up to an hour. Do not consume too much if it is your first time.

Reminder, Dames Blue Raspberry Gummies are made in a facility where they use peanuts. If you are allergic to peanuts, we highly suggest looking for other edible gummies in our store.

Ingredients: Citric Acid, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Natural Blue Raspberry Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, and THC Distillate

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Image #1 from Michelleissac
Image #1 from Michelleissac


Best tasting gummies ever!! Knocked me out for the best sleep of my life love these ones

Image #1 from Michelleissac
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  1. Best tasting gummies ever!! Knocked me out for the best sleep of my life love these ones

    Image #1 from Michelleissac
  2. I LOVE DAMES!!!!!!!

  3. Flavour is great. Nice buzz off 1.

  4. These edibles hit the spot! It gives you just the right amount to sit back and watch a nice movie

  5. these were good

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