Atomic Wheelchair Cookies (500mg THC)



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Wheelchair Weed (Urban Dictionary)“Marijuana of such intense potency that it typically incapacitates its users, sending them to the point where a wheelchair is necessary for mobility”

Are you in pain?  Physical and emotional? Need to tune out for a bit?  Us too.  That’s why we created the atomic wheelchair cookie.  A 2-pack power punch in the face of 250mg of THC per cookie.  If you’re new to edibles, this one is not for you.

We use lab-tested pure cannabis distillate with no additives.


Chocolate Chip (250mg x 2) 500mg THC

Life is better with two cookies! The classic cookie flavour that you just can’t ignore. Our soft cookies contain loads of miniature chocolate chips and a whole lot of love.


Each delicious cookie is infused with 250mg of premium THC that will easily satisfy your cravings while lifting you to cloud 9.

Each tin contains two (2) 250mg THC cookies.


These cookies are insanely delicious and potent. TRUST US!

9 reviews for Atomic Wheelchair Cookies (500mg THC)

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  1. This is very strong and the cookies are actually pretty good

  2. These are so good! They remind me of PC brand’s Decadent Chocolate Chip cookies. Cannabis taste is minimal. It’s hard to eat just one!

  3. Great

  4. pretty good taste although isn’t a soft cookie like it says in the description. I only take a third of one cookie at a time but I still get a good high that hits faster than other edibles and it lasts pretty long.

  5. Absolutely a fantastic product.!!.. It has a very mellow high and it lasts …… well done!!

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