Sweet n’ Delicious Budtella Hazlenut Spread (400mg THC)



Sweet n’ Delicious is dedicated to producing only the highest quality edibles with diverse dosages for beginners and connoisseurs alike! These amazing spreadable-edibles are perfect for cooking, baking, dipping and creating your own infused edible masterpieces! Easily add a fun twist or topping to any treat with Sweet n Delicious 4oz Hazelnut Spread containing a powerful dose of 500mg THC per jar. Just like Nutella, but with all the benefits and healing powers of CBD!

Made and produced in Victoria, BC. Canada.

Serving Size: 8

THC per serving : 50mg


*Update* your popular Budtella ® spread has been made extra potent with beautiful new packaging.

The original BUDTELLA ® with 400mg of pure organic THC

1 for $40

3 for $100*SPECIAL*

5 reviews for Sweet n’ Delicious Budtella Hazlenut Spread (400mg THC)

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  1. This hazelnut spread is to die for! I’m a huge fan of the balance of sweetness in this spread. It’s perfect for toast or fruit and the high is SO CLEAN! I feel relaxed. Very enjoyable.

  2. Using it in my breakfast with my husband. Amazing and we have a good day together to work and have fun!!

  3. using it with my breakfast bread and all I have is a spectacular dish. I will stock more next time

  4. Like the name Sweet n Delicious, I have a sweet tooth so this one is the best every time I’m too lazy to cook something. Use this one as a kitchen product, can leave without this one.

  5. I tried this one with my breads in the morning. It’s amazing!!! I won’t expect It would be good because I think my nutella and my jam is the best. But heyyy!!! IT’s delicious you have to TRY this. Thank you your delivery is the best SG, will order more

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