Sweet n Delicious Budtella Hazlenut Spread (400mg THC)


Sweet n Delicious is dedicated to producing only the highest quality edibles with diverse dosages for beginners and connoisseurs alike! These amazing spreadable-edibles are perfect for cooking, baking, dipping and creating your own infused edible masterpieces! Easily add a fun twist or topping to any treat with Sweet n Delicious 4oz Hazlenut Spread containing a powerful dose of 400mg THC per jar. Just like Nutella, but a whole lot more powerful!

Serving Size: 8

THC per serving : 50mg 

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*Update* your popular Budtella ® spread has been made extra potent with beautiful new packaging.

The original BUDTELLA ®

1 for $40

3 for $100*SPECIAL*

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4 reviews for Sweet n Delicious Budtella Hazlenut Spread (400mg THC)

  1. Oliiviia58
    5 out of 5

    Oliiviia58 (verified owner)

    Using it in my breakfast with my husband. Amazing and we have a good day together to work and have fun!!

  2. Alexander22
    5 out of 5

    Alexander22 (verified owner)

    using it with my breakfast bread and all I have is a spectacular dish. I will stock more next time

  3. Richard1120
    5 out of 5

    Richard1120 (verified owner)

    Like the name Sweet n Delicious, I have a sweet tooth so this one is the best every time I’m too lazy to cook something. Use this one as a kitchen product, can leave without this one.

  4. Aylineren1905
    5 out of 5

    Aylineren1905 (verified owner)

    I tried this one with my breads in the morning. It’s amazing!!! I won’t expect It would be good because I think my nutella and my jam is the best. But heyyy!!! IT’s delicious you have to TRY this. Thank you your delivery is the best SG, will order more

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