SleeBD Melatonin & CBD Isolate – CALM (30 Capsules, 750mg CBD)


Relax in serenity with our special blend of full-spectrum CBD and essential oils. A combination of the healing properties of lavender with the soothing flavors of spearmint and vanilla. Just what you need to calm your mind after a busy day.

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2 reviews for SleeBD Melatonin & CBD Isolate – CALM (30 Capsules, 750mg CBD)

  1. maxflann12
    5 out of 5

    maxflann12 (verified owner)

    My habit is not really healthy and I need to find something to improve my sleep. This one is not pills and I am so comfortable with that. It helps me a lot and I won’t need to buy some pills at a pharmacy. Really amazing!!!!

  2. Tnt_Sym12
    5 out of 5

    Tnt_Sym12 (verified owner)

    I have had insomnia and sleeping problem for a while. My mind just cant stop racing at night. These pills have really helped me. It literally calms me mind down. I feel so much more relaxed and easy to fall into sleep.

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