Rocklock (AAAA) – Indica Dominant Hybrid

Grade AAAA
EFFECTS Happy, Creative, Relaxing
HELPS WITH Chronic tension or pain, Inflammation, and Muscle spasms

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Electrify your mental state with Rocklock!

Rocklock Strain crosses hugely popular indica strains to create a thrilling experience for your senses. This indica strain will shock your body in a way that you won’t forget. Speed Greens is Canada’s premium online dispensary for all your desires if you’re looking to buy weed.


Indica dominant hybrid offers plenty of benefits to meet your needs

If you’re distressed, Rocklock Strain offers plenty of solutions to relax and calm you

If you want relief from a wide range of ailments, you can settle the score with Rocklock AAAA. As seen with many indica strains, it offers several medicinal benefits. Temporary aches and pains (from injury or trauma) can take a toll on your body. Rocklock Strain helps lower inflammation caused by injury and trauma. It also offers relief from chronic conditions such as arthritis or lupus. Additionally, it provides other physical support for muscle spasms, nausea, or migraines. For psychological comfort, Rocklock’s properties ease symptoms of ADD/ADHD, depression, and stress. When you gain a loss of appetite, Rocklock Strain is sure to give you the urge to eat.


Experience the exhilarating features of this indica dominant hybrid

Plenty of effects to boost your energy for a balanced body and mind

Rocklock Strain takes your senses into another dimension with its effects. You receive both the results of indica and sativa. After that first puff, a rush of energy will have you feeling creative. Next, a stimulating indica-dominant high takes over, giving you a whole other experience. Your body and mind become locked as you sink deeper into a warm and numbing high. The euphoric sensations will provide you with a stimulating experience as you feel much more relaxed and sleepy. If you haven’t passed out from the relaxing effects, then your hunger is bound to hit.


Get to the full flavor profile of this rocking bud

Speed Greens only offers a premium selection of products for your enjoyment.

Rocklock Strain is an indica dominant hybrid strain that crosses the hugely popular Rockstar and Warlock strains. It features an 85:15 ratio of indica to sativa that boasts a THC level between 18-20%. Rocklock Strain has plenty of herbal and berry flavors that people associate with sweet and fruity sensations. When lit, it has plenty of earthy and dank aromas. Rocklock Strain has dense buds with furry, neon green nuggets. It has fiery orange hairs that litter its surface with amber undertones. A fine dust of white trichomes extends throughout the surface, giving it a sweet and sticky resin. Buy weed at the #1 online dispensary, Speed Greens to experience the high of Rocklock.

8 reviews for Rocklock (AAAA) – Indica Dominant Hybrid

5.0 Rating
1-5 of 8 reviews
  1. Great herb

  2. Nice chill feeling with a little bit of couch lock; Not completely, but enough. Over all one of the best medications for me to date.

  3. Unique indica. Great herb for creativity and motivation.

  4. delicious flavor, smells very fruity. would definitely get again.

  5. Best of both worlds. Sativa-ee indica. Very balanced in terms overall everything. Well done.

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