OREO BLIZZARD Organic Cold Cured | By Frost Factory ®

Grade AAAA
THC 18-25%
EFFECTS Pain relief, Euphoria, Happy, Appetite Stimulant, Relaxing
Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Stress, Chronic Pain


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Dunk Into The Frosty Bliss of Oreo Blizzard Cold Cured Top Shelf Indica Strain

Indulge in the frosty delight of Oreo Blizzard Cold Cured Top Shelf indica strain. This premium cultivar offers a truly decadent experience with its dense, trichome-laden buds and rich, earthy aroma. With a tantalizing flavor reminiscent of sweet vanilla and chocolate, Oreo Blizzard promises a deeply relaxing high that sweeps over the body like a refreshing chill. Elevate your cannabis experience to new heights with Oreo Blizzard, the perfect companion for cozy nights in or unwinding after a long day.

Speed Greens is your source for EXCLUSIVE Cold Cured CRAFT Cannabis strains.


Cold Cured:  The process of a Hang-Dried Cure in a cold temperature controlled room to allow flower to reach their full POTENTIAL. Rich TERPENES, Maximum FLAVOUR, and the Smoothest BURN, taste the difference.


The benefits that Oreo Blizzard Cold Cured Top Shelf is one sweet treat

The Oreo Blizzard Cold Cured Top Shelf indica dominant hybrid strain offers a comprehensive range of potential medical benefits due to its unique combination of indica genetics and cold curing process. This strain may provide effective relief from chronic pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety, thanks to its potent analgesic and sedative properties. Additionally, Oreo Blizzard’s ability to stimulate appetite can be advantageous for individuals experiencing appetite loss due to medical conditions or treatments. Its muscle-relaxing effects further contribute to its therapeutic potential, making it a versatile option for managing various medical conditions. However, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using Oreo Blizzard or any cannabis product for medical purposes.



Chill out with the sweet effects of the Oreo Blizzard Cold Cured Top Shelf indica strain

The Oreo Blizzard cold cured top shelf indica dominant hybrid strain delivers a deeply relaxing and sedating high, characterized by its potent indica effects. Upon consumption, users often experience a profound sense of physical tranquility and calmness, as the strain’s soothing properties wash over the body like a refreshing chill. Muscles may relax, tension melts away, and a feeling of heaviness settles in, leading to a state of deep relaxation and possibly couch-lock. This physical relaxation is complemented by a gentle euphoria and mental clarity, which may uplift the mood and induce a sense of contentment. While Oreo Blizzard’s sedative effects are prominent, users typically remain functional and clear-headed, making it suitable for evening or nighttime use when relaxation and sleep are desired. Overall, Oreo Blizzard offers a balanced and enjoyable high that caters to those seeking profound physical relaxation and mental tranquility.



Get lost in flurries of Oreo Blizzard Cold Cured Top Shelf indica strain

Oreo Blizzard emerges from the esteemed lineage of Ice Cream Cake and Sunset Sherbet strains, both renowned in the cannabis community over the past 5-10 years. This specific phenotype we’ve carefully selected leans heavily towards the indica spectrum. The dominant terpene profile resembles Wedding Cake, with subtle notes of Gelato and Sherbet. Expect a powerful blend of aromas, from pure gas to hints of citrus, vanilla, spice, and sweet floral brown sugar. As it matures, its appearance will darken, resembling its Gelato and Sherbet lineage. Oreo Blizzard offers an exquisite indica-dominant experience, inducing a dreamy, almost comatose state. Its dense, resinous buds exude a complex fusion of vanilla, floral, citrus, and gassy brown sugar notes, promising an unforgettable journey for cannabis enthusiasts.


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Image #1 from Jay Met
Image #2 from DiorDior
Image #3 from Tripleounceman
Image #4 from Crackedjoint
Image #1 from Jay Met

Jay Met

Top quality from SG. Smooth indica good for night

Image #2 from DiorDior


solid Nugs gave me the munchies 😏

Image #3 from Tripleounceman


Got this as part of a free gift for my order and regretted not ordering this strain instead…smell is delicious 🤤. Helped me wind down and get into the perfect state to watch a movie and actually eat some Oreo blizzard lol. Highly recommend this for a good Friday night with friends!

Image #4 from Crackedjoint


If you were asked to describe what the perfect indica is…then this is it…this is exactly how the perfect indica should feel. Best evening smokes ive had in a while. Dont stop pumping out good strains thank you!

Image #1 from Jay Met
Image #2 from DiorDior
Image #3 from Tripleounceman
Image #4 from Crackedjoint
4.9 Rating
1-5 of 8 reviews
  1. Definitively in the right category. A supreme taste and goodness to enjoy and hard to find anything negative to say. Good quality all around so one to add on the list.

  2. very nice

  3. Top quality from SG. Smooth indica good for night

    Image #1 from Jay Met
  4. Incredible indica! Great potency and flavour.

  5. Wow just wow! This stuff packs a punch and it’s aroma will knock your neighbours out too! Def would recommend 💯

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