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Grounded High Dose Leafs Gummies | Mango (1000mg THC)



Grounded High Dose THC Gummies offer a flavourful and potent experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Infused with a substantial dose of THC, these gummies provide a convenient and enjoyable way to explore the euphoric and relaxing effects of THC. Perfect for those seeking a balanced and uplifting high, Grounded High Dose THC Gummies are a delectable choice for a cannabis-infused treat.

Pieces:  10 x 100mg

Total Dosage:  1000mg THC



It’s Always Summertime With Grounded High Dose Leafs

Introducing Grounded High Dose Leaf – Mango, juicy and delectable cannabis-infused gummies designed to elevate your senses. This pack promises a journey through a spectrum of delightful fruity experiences. Each pack contains 10 gummy pieces, each infused with 100mg of THC, culminating in a total dosage of 1000mg THC. If you’re craving that classic juicy mango, Grounded ensures a tasteful adventure that keep the good vibes rolling. Dive into the world of elevated indulgence with these expertly crafted, high-dose gummies that redefine the edible experience.


  • 1000mg THC
  • 10 pieces per pack x 100mg each



Take a vacation with 1000mg Mango Edible Gummies

Grounded High Dose Leaf – Mango (1000mg Gummies) presents a versatile and flavorful THC edible experience. This pack has a juicy, summery mango flavor that will have you craving it. The 1000mg total THC dosage, distributed in 10 pieces with a whopping 100mg each, allows for customizable dosing, catering to more seasoned tolerance levels. This high dosage reduces the risk of overconsumption, making a small piece go a long way therefore giving you more bang for your buck.



Go crazy with Grounded High Dose Leafs – Mango – 1000mg

Grounded High Dose Leaf – Mango (1000mg Gummies) is expected to deliver a balanced mental high characterized by euphoria, an uplifted mood, and heightened creativity, thanks to its 100mg THC per gummy. Consuming a 100mg edible gummy, a high-dose THC product, can result in intense physical effects such as deep relaxation, heightened sensory perception, potential sedation, muscle relaxation, and impaired coordination. Individual responses vary based on factors like tolerance and metabolism



An un-bealeafable THC Edible perfect for everyone

Grounded High Dose – Mango 10 x 100MG (1000MG) is a twist on everyone’s favorite childhood candy with grown up benefits and features to supplement your day to day life.

Each pack of Grounded Leafs THC Gummies has a total of 1000mg THC. It contains 10 fruity cannabis-infused edible gummies with 100mg THC each.

These THC candies need time before the effects start to kick in. For first-timers, start with 1 gummy and wait for an hour to feel the full effects kick in before ingesting more gummies. Remember, cannabis edibles need time before you feel any effects. Just like any powerful concentrate, do not consume too much, too fast.



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