Flower Pack – Spring Break Edition



What’s Included:

  • 3.5g Top Craft
  • 3.5g AAAA
  • 3.5g AAA
  • 2g Kief


Weed shop with some of the most desirable strains

The Flower Pack contains various strains from Top Shelf to Kiefs that are easy enough for your wallet and in huge quantities. Why not experience one of the best ways to test multiple strains? Find out what works for you. Speed Greens makes smoking easy; as expected from Canada’s premium dispensary to buy online weed!



Chosen according to their beneficial properties at our weed shop

Find out which strain works best for you and your stubborn aches and pains

The Flower Pack contains a total of 14g of various strains and 2g of kief that contain sativa, indica, and hybrid qualities. You’re getting a wide range of benefits ready for you to choose from. The medicinal properties that the strains have can help you with your physical and mental conditions. You will find relief from temporary and chronic aches and pains. These conditions might range from headaches and inflammation to arthritis and nerve damage. It has plenty of psychological benefits that will help uplift your mood and boost your energy. Do away with fatigue, bouts of anxiety and depression, or stress. You might find that one of the strains might help with your insomnia or loss of appetite.


Curated by our weed shop for the full spectrum of effects

Understand which strains’ features give you what your body and mind deserve

The variety you get in one Flower Pack gives you all the effects and features that marijuana can offer. If you smoke a sativa strain, you can expect the energizing headrush that leaves you focused and uplifted. The indica strain will give your body a sedative and relaxing experience. A hybrid strain will combine the best of both worlds into one euphoric adventure that will leave you wanting more! Be on the lookout for which effects work for you. We believe that the strains we select in the Sampler Pack give you your best bet of a complete smoking experience. We believe that our weed shop has what you want!


Know more about this amazing deal available at our weed shop!

The assortment of strains provide you with an experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

This Flower Pack is curated for your benefit. If you’re looking for your next weed adventure, this pack has your back. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • 3.5g Top Craft
  • 3.5g AAAA
  • 3.5g AAA
  • 2g Kief

*contents of the pack can change anytime due to the high order volume. flavors are randomly chosen based on availability.

The selection of strains ranges throughout the marijuana spectrum, with sativa, indica, and hybrid types present. This deal is a no-brainer for those who want to enjoy different strains at an affordable price. You will definitely be a crowd favorite if you ever bring one of these out! Buy online weeds today at Speed Greens, Canada’s premium online weed shop!



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