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Everest Extracts is a renowned name in the shatter business with some highly recognized strains of shatter. The company assures the quality and freshness of products with its state-of-the-art technique of flash-frozen fresh whole-plant extraction. Everest Extracts preserve the essence of the cannabis plant with modern techniques, yet firmly attached to ancient beliefs.

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Fall in love with this shatter weed

Everest Extracts take extreme commitment to give you fantastic shatter products. Coming straight out of Beautiful British Columbia, this renowned Canadian shatter company comes at you with its indica line. Get quality assured shatter weed to fit your lifestyle. When your stress gets too much, wind down with this shatter! What’s stopping you?


This shatter weed is packed with medicinal benefits

Let your body soak up the help with this shatter weed from Everest Extracts

Everest Extracts has a line of 4 indica strains ready for quick relief from your stubborn aches and pains. Sometimes after a long stressful day, you want to wind down and ignore your responsibilities. You can find quick relief from physical conditions such as muscle pain, inflammation, or nerve pain. At the same time, the relaxing effects calm your mind down from any troubling thoughts. It can lessen the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. You can take it before you go to bed so that you’re falling and staying asleep! Reignite your hunger after you’ve lost your appetite with the strong sensations of indica shatter weed!


Wondering what effects this shatter weed has?

Everest Extracts lets your body experience a journey that it won’t forget

Cannabis concentrates give your body a whole array of sensations that you will enjoy. Experience the full range of what indica has in store for your body. The concentrated amount of cannabinoids in shatter makes it extremely potent. At the start of your high, the shatter weed will envelop you in euphoric highs that will sedate you. The body buzz you will experience will help you wind down any negative feelings or thoughts. Find somewhere comfortable to lie down, and in case you get hungry, grab something to eat – you’re in for a great time!


Find out more about this premium shatter weed

Everest Extracts only wants the best for their customers to keep them coming back!

Everest Extracts use the latest techniques of perfecting their shatter weed. They use a state-of-the-art flash-frozen whole-plant extraction to keep their cannabis plants fresh. This eliminates the use of any harsh chemicals or appearance of residues!

The indica selection of shatter is as follows:

Finding the right cannabis concentrate isn’t a problem. Everest Extracts helps narrow down your choice to their selection of amazing products. This Canadian shatter company displays what the public would love! Enjoy it in many ways! Break it apart and roll it with your favourite strains. Smoke it with your favourite dab rig, vape, or bong! Keep your product safe in a secure container, out of direct sunlight, high temperatures, or prolonged exposure to oxygen! Enjoy it safely!

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76 reviews for Everest Extracts Shatter (Indica) – Shatter Weed

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  1. Nice flavor, hits well, good quality product.

  2. I bought Gelato and was not deceived. Came in one super thin and crispy piece. Will definitely buy again!

  3. Everest is a great shatter. I would say HOG Is slightly better overall but this is nothing to sniff at. Good flavor good consistency and great price. What’s not to like??

  4. I bought the MK Ultra. And much like its flower; a dependable, consistent high. The taste was a bit underwhelming but vape was smooth.

  5. Amazing product! Clean, well packaged.

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