Dames Orange Gummies (200mg THC)



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These sweet weed edibles are to die for!

Enjoy all the benefits cannabis provides without smoking weed by consuming Dames THC Orange Gummies. These weed edibles are infused with potent and effective THC distillates combined with the sweet and tangy orange flavor to make them easier to consume. You can never go wrong with these edible gummies!


Weed edibles are a discreet way of medicating you conditions

Easy way to relieve pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Ideal for people with respiratory problems

Medicating using cannabis is not always that convenient because you need to light up a joint, bong, or pipe just to enjoy the benefits. Not everyone can do this, especially those with respiratory problems. This is where THC edibles, like Dames THC Orange Gummies, can help.

Edible gummies are infused with premium THC distillates known for their potency and effectiveness. Meaning each piece of gummy is packed with THC making them highly effective and convenient. You can consume them when you are in public. It looks just like your ordinary gummies. No one can tell you are medicating. However, you need to make sure you store these edible gummies properly, out of reach of children and pets. Get your own edible gummies THC online order today.


Enjoy the potent effects of these weed edibles

Experience a deep and relaxing sleep at night for a better day tomorrow

These tasty Dames THC Orange Gummies are infused with potent and effective THC distillates making them ideal to treat the following:

  • Reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Reducing acute and chronic pain
  • Relieving symptoms of muscle cramps, density, and spasms
  • Increasing appetite
  • Deal with insomnia
  • Reducing nausea
  • Alleviating headaches and migraines

Dames THC Orange Gummies will also help enhance and elevate your mood. Hence, improving your overall mental health. Always make sure you have a deep and relaxing sleep every night by consuming these tasty treats to help you have the energy you need to get you through the next day!


Discover the right dosage when you consume these weed edibles

Start low and slow to make your first experience good and desirable for the best high

A pack of Dames THC Orange Gummies has a total of 200mg THC. Each pack contains 10 pieces with 20mg THC each. For first-time consumers of these gummies, half of the 20mg is a good place to start.

For beginners, consume half to one full piece of gummy and wait for 30 minutes up to an hour to feel the effects. If you want to experience a nice kind of high, try eating 2 or 3 gummies and wait for at least 30 minutes up to an hour before feeling the full effects. How long you wait will depend on your body’s metabolism and tolerance level. You also need to remember, when consuming edibles, the effects are not instant. You need to wait for a few minutes. If you’re looking for potent THC candy edibles online, order it from Speed Greens!

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatine, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, pectin, coconut oil, carnauba wax, and cannabis oil

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  1. Great product!

  2. Hands down!!!! One of the best gummies I’ve had. And I’ve had many gummies in my life. The flavour was very nice and the body high is amazing. Great price too.

  3. sweet and sour I ordered this one for about 3-4 times and now I still waiting to get it more!!!!

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