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33 Degrees AAAA Craft Top Shelf- Indica Strains

Grade: AAAA
EFFECTS: Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting
HELPS WITH: Insomnia, Headaches, Migraines

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Experience what indica strains can offer

If you’re looking for a euphoric burst that will help you wind down after a long day. Indica strains are just the thing you need. 33 Degrees blends tastes, aroma, power, and experience seamlessly, perfect for any indica lover. You can find all your speed weed here at Speed Greens for your quick hit.


Indica strains are just the thing you need

Lessen your most stubborn pain and problems with this potent strain

If you’re looking for a quick release of your aches and pains, you’ll want to get 33 Degrees AAAA Craft Top Shelf. Indica strains give you that relaxing feature that you’ve always been chasing. 33 Degrees provides you with the help to combat your physical and psychological problems. These conditions can be temporary or chronic. It helps with stress, inflammation, muscle spasms, headaches, cramps, headaches, anxiety, appetite loss, depression, insomnia, and migraines. It helps provide the relief you’ve been looking for without much hassle. Take it before you go to bed, when your problems feel unbearable, or when you want something to smoke in your favourite cannabis accessories.


Indica strains have so much in store for you

Experience the wide variety of effects to help you with your cravings

33 Degrees, like many indica strains, simultaneously uplift and relax your body. At the start of the high, you get a cerebral, euphoric buzz that washes over you. These two effects deliver the body-numbing properties you’ll want out of indica strains. These body-numbing properties will keep locked onto what you’re resting on – so you better find somewhere comfortable! The cerebral buzz gently uplifts your mentality, so you finally find peace of mind. 33 Degrees is that perfect strain for an evening of conversation and relaxation. You’ll want that speedy delivery of weed right to your system!


Find out what indica strains have in store

33 Degrees is an amazing strain perfect for any situation

33 Degrees is an indica dominant strain resulting from the cross between Platinum and Gelato #33. It has a complex flavour profile that is reminiscent of both its parents. Experience the slightly tangy sensation that comes from Gelato strains. It is a combination of citrus and limonene terpenes. People also note its sweet and fruity aroma and flavour that reminds people of summertime. Indica strains have that extra level of comfort that’s hard to find anywhere else. 33 Degrees has a high THC content of around 20%, giving it many benefits. 33 Degrees is an amazing strain that you’ll have no problems smoking. Speed weed is on the rise, and you can find it at Speed Greens!

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  1. Love the high on this stuff perfect for bedtime or even just a lazy day, don’t expect to get stuff done on this stuff thoe, a true indica

  2. Pretty dank smell and cakey nugs. dope

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