Wifi OG (White Fire OG) (AAAA)

Grade AAAA
THC 22%
EFFECTS Energetic, Uplifted, Relaxing, Creative
HELPS WITH Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Stress, Depression


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This indica dominant hybrid will set your senses on fire

Somebody call 911, this White Fire strain will be burning down the dancefloor filled with your mind’s stress and anxiety. It blazes you into a state of relaxation to dissociate you from a wide variety of stressful situations. Check out our best indica strains and buy online weeds.



A mental clarity like no other with this indica strain

Its benefits will spread quickly like a wildfire

Despite feeling cerebral and energetic, you’ll also be ready for sleep. Attention issues like ADHD, pain, depression, stress, and fatigue disappear in the glow of White Fire. You’ll feel lazy no matter what you “want” to feel, even though this isn’t a strain known for putting you to sleep. You’ll just give in to not giving a flip.



An indica strain with the added mental benefits of a sativa

Feel alive and high on life while remaining zen

What can you expect from White Fire OG? At first, you’ll feel mental clarity sneaking in. Then, it will explode in a way that justifies the name, a White Fire in your brain that will do anything in its power to help you decompress. You’ll feel uplifted, focused, and calm. Your mind will be cleared, which is great for Type A, “work is the most important thing in the universe,” type of people. White Fire could be how you burn down the house of stress you’ve built!



Behold the beauty of this indica strain

This beast-mode strain has topnotch qualities

White Fire, also called White Fire OG or even WiFi OG, is a casually indica-dominant strain (60/40) that smells like spicy earth, has a high THC level, and thrives in warm, dry environments. It’s a hybrid that comes from two other hybrids, Fire OG and The White (note that some lab data suggests that it or a similar phenotype may have been bred from San Fernando Valley OG Kush and pure OG Kush). OG Raskal Seeds bred this baby in Southern California to give people a potent, spicy calm. We’d say it worked.


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  1. Looks exactly like in the pic.Really nice bud, smell and taste is nice and gassy. The high is also potent. Some strains you smoke and you build a tolerance after a couple joints but this one, you can keep going.

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