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Tropic Thunder (AA) “$69/Oz” SALE

Grade: AA
THC: 20%-31%
EFFECTS: Calming, Euphoria, Mellow, Relaxing, Uplifting
HELPS WITH: Anxiety, Cramps, Depression, Inflammation, Stress

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Kick-off your day with a mellow buzz with Tropic Thunder AA sativa strain

The notorious Maui Wowie was crossed with an unidentified hybrid strain to produce Tropic Thunder, an 80/20 sativa/indica hybrid strain. Tropic Thunder, which takes its name from the well-known Ben Stiller film, is the ideal bud to end your day with a smile on your face.



A sativa strain with high THC levels, making it great for chronic pain

Whether you need a boost in the morning or something to relax after work, this strain is for you

Tropic Thunder is frequently used to treat people who experience ailments including chronic stress or anxiety, inflammation, depression, muscular spasms or cramps, and mood swings because to its mellow and euphoric effects and high 18-31% average THC content.


Despite the movie it was named after, this sativa strain has mellow effects

It's the perfect companion for chill movie nights

The effects of Tropic Thunder raise the mood and calm the body without leaning too much in either direction. Overall, the high is actually quite moderate. Pure delight will fill your mind and drive out any unpleasant emotions and rushing thoughts. Your physical shape will remain relaxed and tranquil at the same time thanks to a calming body high. Your thoughts will soon vanish into fuzzy pleasure, leaving you laughing uncontrollably at anything and everyone around you.


It's manageable buzz and high thc levels makes this sativa strain a crowd favorite

Get the scoop on Tropic Thunder AA

On exhalation, this flower tastes slightly peppery and lemony with a sour undertone. Rich, earthy sage, sweet tropical fruits, and tart citrus are the predominant aromas. Tropic Thunder buds feature thin orange hairs, yellow undertones, fluffy spade-shaped bright neon green nugs, and a layer of tiny, golden amber crystal trichomes.

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Image #1 from kory kublick
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Image #1 from kory kublick

kory kublick

I like it. Good stuff. Affordable.

Image #2 from kory kublick

kory kublick

I like it. Good stuff. Affordable.

Image #1 from kory kublick
Image #2 from kory kublick
4.4 Rating
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  1. good all sized buds. I’ve ordered this a few times seems to get me where i need to be. kind of dry I like it in the morning with coffee.

  2. Love it 69

  3. good stuff nice price!

  4. good sativa

  5. I like it. Good stuff. Affordable.

    Image #1 from kory kublick
    Image #2 from kory kublick
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