The Wiz Top Shelf Weed (AAAA) – Best Sativa Strains


EFFECTS Cerebral
HELPS WITH Eye Pressure, Insomnia, Stress

The best sativa strains named after Wiz Khalifa!

The Wiz offers a myriad of feelings dedicated to giving you the best smoking experience. The solid cerebral high will leave you craving for your next opportunity to enjoy it. Grab a couple of friends or smoke it solo! Find mail order weed Canada and the best sativa strains here at Speed Greens.


Discover what best sativa strains has to offer your body

It has plenty of properties to alleviate symptoms of your stubborn conditions

The Wiz Top Shelf Weed has super heavy properties that aren’t seen too often with sativa dominant strains. It has more psychological benefits than it does in the physical aspect. The rush is felt primarily in the eyes and forehead, which makes it ideal for treating those with complications in those areas. It can help those with conditions associated with eye pressure, such as glaucoma. Do you have trouble sleeping at night or need relief from the stress of staying up through the night? The Wiz can help those suffering from bouts of insomnia. Other aspects of its cerebral benefits can help those who suffer from chronic stress and mild to moderate cases of depression.


Find out what effects the best sativa strains has in-store

Explore the rush and stimulating sensations that it will give your mind

The Wiz AAAA provides your body with a confusing sensation because of its heavy qualities. It shares the same properties as many other sativa strains where you get a cerebral rush. Although that’s the case, the area feels heavy rather than energized. You will have moments of motivation but a calming sensation that lingers. Most of The Wiz’s high sticks around the head without affecting other areas of your body as much. It gives The Wiz the benefit of treating those who have mental conditions just the same as any of the best sativa strains.


The best sativa strains has strong cerebral properties for cravings

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The Wiz is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created from unknown strains due to breeder secrecy. Although that’s the case, master breeders take meticulous care in producing one-of-a-kind cannabis. It has an 80:20 sativa to indica ratio that features a moderately high THC content between 14-22%. The Wiz has light green buds with its nuggets shaped like grapes. The nugs are dense and contain fiery orange hairs. It also has a frosty coating of trichomes for that sweet, sticky goodness. When lit, it has an earthy and piney aroma making it one of the best sativa strains on the market. Find mail order weed Canada for quality strains and products now!

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  1. Good stuff, not a knockout but exactly what I was looking for by not making me too drowsy. Did make me hungry and gave me a heavy head high that felt really good. Nice for chilling alone or with good friends.

  2. Love the taste and high top shelf for sure.

  3. wow so ooohhhh good. a new favorite for sure.

  4. I’m really enjoying this strain!

  5. Another really nice strain and the bud is sticky icky.

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