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From the beaches of Monaco to the skyscrapers of Dubai. This Gold Digger is met with jaw dropping beauty, elegance and a pull that will keep you coming back for more and more. Filled with only the best golden distillate and flavoured with organic terpenes from a local BC farm. Comes with battery, usb charger, and 0.8g of premium distillate. Cartridge is a 510 thread.

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2 reviews for Westcoast Smoke Co. – The Gold Digger

  1. michholt24
    4 out of 5

    michholt24 (verified owner)

    Had issues with the battery from the beginning – it didn’t hold its charge that long. And, about a week or two of using it, the battery blew, and leaked battery acid through the button. I was devasted.

    But the 4 stars are for the grape ape distillate in the cartridge – A couple hauls of distillate and my migraines fade away within 5 minutes.

    So, Boo on the battery, yay on the cartridge!

  2. spencerdowney1997
    4 out of 5

    spencerdowney1997 (verified owner)

    Got the OG kush blueberry, oil was dank af! Only think keeping this from a 5 star is the pen doesn’t work when the vial is screwed on as much as you think it should be. The light on the button will blink and it won’t work. I looked it up on reddit and apparently this is a common issue with vape pens and figured out that you have to loosen it until the button light stays on with no flash. When I got it working it was a very good vape. Looking forward to trying the other strains.

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