Sky Extracts Vaporizer Kit (Silver) (includes 1 distillate of your choice)


This kit comes with a vaporizer + charger + your choice of one of the following distillates:


CBD—Potency: 300mg+ of CBD distillate

1:1—Potency: 400mg+ of THC/CBD distillate

Gorilla Glue #4—Potency: 450mg+ of THC distillate

Pineapple Express—Potency: 450mg+ of THC distillate

Granddaddy Purple—Potency: 450mg+ of THC distillate

Death Bubba—Potency: 450mg+ of THC distillate

Super Lemon HazePotency: 450mg+ of THC distillate

Durban PoisonPotency: 450mg+ of THC distillate

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Sky Extracts uses ground-breaking vaporizing technology to deliver the premium properties of cannabis. Using the highest quality products available including a custom made ceramic cartridge with five intake holes.  Sky Extracts is used by people who are invested in their well- being, including athletes, to facilitate recovery by delivering cannabinoids to exactly where the body needs it. Sky Extracts are also used to attain a consistent relaxed state of mind.

Sky Extracts is at the forefront of extraction technology, setting the highest standard in a saturated market. All Sky products are lab-tested, organic, discreet, and engineered to last. All of the THC and 1:1 THC:CBD products are 100% additive free. The full spectrum CBD distillate cartridge has a small amount of MCT oil to prevent the CBD from crystallizing.


Battery – 3.7v 450 watts

Thread count – 510

Additional information

Choose your Distillates

CBD 300mg, 1:1 400mg, GG4 450mg, PEX 450mg, GDP 450mg, DB 450mg, SLH 450mg, DP 450mg

6 reviews for Sky Extracts Vaporizer Kit (Silver) (includes 1 distillate of your choice)

  1. gjmcleod
    5 out of 5

    gjmcleod (verified owner)

    I love this pen. So compact and discreet. Battery lasts forever. No smell so you can use it anywhere. Not the cheapest option out there but well worth it. The GDP cart is a great bed time option, it clogs very occasionally but a hard pull gets it going again. SLH, GG4, PEX were all fantastic.

  2. alisonharperconfed
    5 out of 5

    alisonharperconfed (verified owner)

    The immediate effects of CBD were amazing and much more apparent than the oral eye dropper I’ve been using for the last several months from a different company. Excellent customer service as well. Definitely recommending to friends and family 🙂

  3. spiridus
    5 out of 5

    spiridus (verified owner)

    I am quite pleased with Sky Extracts! It was easy to setup, charging didn’t take long and I even love the metal container. Easy to disassemble for discreet travel. DB is quite potent, only took 3 short draws to get a good, relaxing hit.

  4. gravelp
    5 out of 5

    gravelp (verified owner)

    wow i love this sky kit! Best price are here! buying process is very easy and shipping real fast! Great service too! Thank you! 🙂

  5. 5 out of 5

    Betty Chin

    This kit was the best value I’ve seen around for quality distillate and the pen is really compact and works well. I’m very happy with this and will be back to try some other strains.

  6. CBDdoll
    5 out of 5


    Thank you very much for this amazing product.
    I feel the immediate effects in about 10 mins. I feel relaxed everywhere in my body. The CBD helps with sleep.
    Pineapple express is my favourite flavour.

    Thank you so much SpeedGreens.
    You are so wonderful !!

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