Sherb Face Craft Top Shelf Weed (AAAA) – Hybrid Strains

EFFECTS Calming, Cerebral, Energizing, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting
HELPS WITH Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Stress

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A Beautiful Harmony of Sativa and Indica

Sherb Face is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that mixes the best of both worlds into one product. It delivers a mental edge that is both energizing and relaxing. For the weed delivery of Sherb Face and more, Speed Greens is your #1 source!


Hybrid strains with plenty of fascinating benefits for your body

Ease the presence of stubborn ailments that might fire up your mindset

Sherb Face AAAA is the perfect choice when you want to ease the discomfort of a wide variety of disorders. It has the qualities to soothe both your physical and mental conditions. In terms of physical aspects, it helps with bouts of temporary and chronic pains. Those pains can range from bruising and trauma to arthritis and nerve damage. It may lower inflammation which can reduce headaches and migraines. Because of its psychoactive properties, it can help multiple conditions. Its uplifting sensations can combat bouts of anxiety and depression. It can help lower fatigue while increasing mood so that you’re more lively. Sherb Face can also lower the effects of chronic stress. Get back to your old self with one of the best hybrid strains.


Hybrid strains delivers exceptional satisfaction to your senses

It has plenty of effects and features that you want like no other hybrid strain

Sherb Face top shelf weed combines both the properties of sativa and indica in one for a fantastic high. You will find that the high starts fast, giving your head an incredible boost of energy. It will lift your spirits and put you in such a happy mood. You will feel comfortable doing things that you’re usually not used to. Sherb Face will make you more friendly and focused. You might even feel a burst of creativity. Because of its indica profile, you will fall into a relaxed state. Your body will feel at ease as you sink deeper into that couch or chair. If you haven’t passed out from the relaxing effects, make sure you have snacks ready. The munchies are killer with these types of hybrid strains.


Discover some fascinating facts about hybrid strains

Is there something that you want to know more about Sherb Face?

Sherb face is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50:50 ratio of sativa and indica) that crosses the Sunset Sherbet and Face Off OG BX1 strains. It produces a 24-27% THC content with an average CBD level of 0-2%. These values create an incredibly potent product, which gives it a great head high. Sherb Face has small heart-shaped bugs with thin amber hairs. It is also littered with crystal trichomes. Sherb Face primarily has citrusy and fruity notes in terms of its flavors. Like their flavors, the aromas are the same, except it has nutty tones. Find the best-selling hybrid strains at Speed Greens for weed delivery you can count on.

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6 reviews for Sherb Face Craft Top Shelf Weed (AAAA) – Hybrid Strains

1-5 of 6 reviews
  1. Great high. Nice and smooth and lets you keep doing your thing while enjoying the high. Going to order again for sure.

  2. Great stuff, good high an great looks, nice stuff to brag off to your friends with.

  3. Just tried Sherb Face last weekend and it was AMAZING. Lots of earthy and funky flavor with a bit of sweetness. A few hits every few hours keep me well medicated all day.

  4. Great strain. The smoke was great, very smooth and easy on the throat. The high is def relaxing. But no “couch lock” relaxing. I feel relaxed but want to get out and do things. So I went on a bike ride.

  5. Really like this strain. The bud smokes as good as it looks, highly recommend it.

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