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Rising Moon Botanicals A luxuriously silky facial oil for all skin types. This balancing elixir has 50mg of full-spectrum CBD. CBD when applied topically is clinically shown to have cell-regeneration and anti-inflammatory properties. Packed with a blend of purposefully chosen plant botanicals such as organic wildcrafted rosehip seed oil, this healing powerhouse is light, fast-absorbing, and feels amazing. 


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CBD on pain relief does plenty for your body!

You may think of something that resembles a rollerball perfume (which isn’t far off). While the design is similar to that of other roll-ons, it is designed specifically for CBD therapy. Before we go too far ahead of ourselves, let’s review the fundamentals. Experience the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which aid in pain management. This suggests that CBD oil concentrates and other CBD-based treatments may help those who suffer from chronic pain, such as chronic back pain.


Experience the fast-acting CBD roll on for pain relief!

Rising Moon offers a roller with cell-regeneration and anti-inflammatory benefits

CBD has been demonstrated in clinical studies to have cell-regeneration and anti-inflammatory effects when administered topically. This healing powerhouse is light, fast-absorbing, and feels fantastic, thanks to a mix of intentionally chosen plant botanicals including organic wildcrafted rosehip seed oil. This CBD application takes a new approach by providing fast-acting pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness relief. Most individuals will use Advil to ease pain, but CBD roll-ons are a great option that has even more advantages.


CBD roll on for pain relief has plenty of therapeutic effects!

You’ll love the convenience of getting fast relief

CBD is also a non-addictive medicine that may be used to treat a variety of ailments without the risk of addiction. It’s also a popular pain therapy for folks who don’t want to be affected by psychoactive substances. Some CBD roll-ons include a combination of substances, such as essential oils, in addition to CBD. They may be used for a variety of applications depending on the components. They are, nevertheless, most popular among those seeking pain relief.


See if this CBD roll on pain is right for your body!

Experience what menthol, aloe vera, and more in a clean and potent product

Some roll-on versions include essential oils, terpenes, or other substances that give additional advantages in addition to CBD extract. Menthol, aloe vera, lavender, isopropyl alcohol, and other chemicals are commonly included in CBD products. It’s the perfect elixir for all skin types that is luxuriously silky and feels amazing on your skin. Packed with 50mg of full-spectrum CBD, it can be applied topically for clinically proven cell regeneration while also fighting inflammation! Buy CBD roll on pain relief at Speed Greens for an immediate solution to pain.

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  1. Was not sure what to expect, but was pleasently surprised with both the scent and the effectiveness for neck tension

  2. Love the role on. Makes it easy to apply and no washing of hands necessary. I use this mainly on my necks and shoulders. My gf’s uses it for her shoulder. Great stuff.

  3. This oil works great on sore muscles.

  4. The facial oil is amazing. Helps a lot with my skin redness and it doesnt clog pores. Highly recommend for anyone who is suffering from inflammation.

  5. I absolutely love the smell of this product. I use this to help reduce my sore muscles after working out. Amazing product.

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