QNTM Extracts Clouds THC infused E-Juice 10ml (500mg/1000mg THC)



Compatible with E-Cig Vapes only

Comes in 500mg and 1000mg of THC per 10mL of vape juice

Description: Infused with solventless distillate, QNTM Extracts new line of “Cloud” vape juice is perfect for micro dosing using your own tanks! Every 10mL bottle contains 500mg/1000mg of THC, just put it into your e-cig tank for a smooth and flavourful smoke!

Works with vaporizers from 10 watts to 75 watts

Compatible with sub-ohm vapes, iSticks, Kangertechs, SMOKS, Aspires and more.

*Not compatible with vape pens with a 510 thread battery (i.e. Sky Extracts, CCell) Juice only, hardware not included.

**Separation is normal, shake well before use.


9 reviews for QNTM Extracts Clouds THC infused E-Juice 10ml (500mg/1000mg THC)

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  1. Amazing product and great taste. I found that watermelon wonders mixes very well. Thank you QNTM Clouds for an amazing product and thank you SG for amazing service and fast shipping.

  2. Just received the 10ml I ordered just to try. And I completely love it!! From the initial step with ordering and prompt confirmations….it’s definitely discreet, and I honestly was skeptical about the effects. I have tried the disposable ecig types but this doesn’t even compare to those..This THC liquid is by far the cleanest and closest method to the traditional way and I am now a believer.

  3. It was a nice easy chill high, really excellent for micro dosing anywhere, does not smell like weed at all. It is true it is a big heavy on the lungs, but it’s not a worry for casual use.
    All the components in this vape are edible, so I had the idea of adding few droplets in my drink, that was a really good and long lasting high.

  4. Package just arrived this afternoon, tried it with much anticipation in a brand new tank I picked up. fantastic hit and taste, I puffed and puffed till I wasn’t able to get off the couch ! LOL a few puff was all it took but I wanted to see how ripped I could get. I was smoking inside the living room and later when the wife came home she thought I’d sprayed strawberry air freshener. lol very stealthy indeed

  5. Ok I ordered the 10ml in mango 1000mg
    I was able to get have a gram of shatter mixed in it didn’t need it at 1000 mg go low and slow so you don’t get the juice to hot or it thins out just like motor oil it’s not very thick. If you have issues with smoke bud because of the smell. This can be put into e cig. Pods I was able to use stlth pods and vype full half way or you’ll be getting the fluid in your mouth
    I just wished they had grape flavor. It’s the best tasting juice. So with distillate I also recommend you don’t get it with pg vg mct. Those are fillers and carrier fluids. If it’s good distillate they will use terps they are from fractional distillate I’m my opinion it the best. Head stash had one called terp gravy I used that only for three months. Then the legal store were opening so the internet site wanted to go legal so they have to close down and start back up the way the gov. Says they can. Thankful i have medical license I get access to cleaner products.
    I like this juice even tho it uses the mct carrier filler.i wanna know if there is indica or sativa I hate needing to use in the day for pain and other issues but I don’t wanna get KO.
    Can speedy greens elation with ones are sativa and indica please thanks.
    Your welcome for the most detailed review I think you have on your whole site lol. Guys buy the 1000mg mango is not to bad of a taste just keep in mind it’s no very viscous you can add something else if you try a ml and feel like it needs a kick heat under hot water and add shatter or raw distillate since you. Won’t know how two flavour will taste like don’t be aggradi to experiment-with it remember it’s full so pull out one ml so you can add to it and not over flow. It’s ok by itself too. And I have a high tolerance. Buds up. = (Cheers for cannabis) trying to start a trend here. Lol.

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