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Grade AA+
EFFECTS Giggly, Happy, Hungry, Mellow, Relaxing
HELPS WITH Asthma, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of
Appetite, Migraines

A small indica dominant bud for a relaxing time

Purple Monkey Strain is a hybrid born from Grand Daddy Purple and Deep Chunk. It finds its roots in strains found in Northern California and Afghan Indica. Purple Monkey Strain is perfect if you want both the effects of indica and sativa. Buy weed online at Speed Greens, Canada’s premium online dispensary.


Treat a range of symptoms with this indica dominant strain

Purple Monkey’s properties are sure to tackle many ailments and relieve

Purple Monkey’s hybrid status makes it great when you want relief for different ailments. The sativa properties help you feel more alert and happy. It helps tackle bouts of depression and may relieve symptoms of bipolar disorder. The indica properties are what mellows and knocks you out. Its relaxation properties help calm chronic pain, migraines, and inflammation. It helps your muscles unwind so that you can enjoy your downtime. Purple Monkey Strain also helps increase your craving for food which helps against loss of appetite. It gives you an enormous scope to figure out what you need.


Indica dominant strains brings you relief in the form of happiness

This strain helps you combat unhappy thoughts and successfully uplift your mood

Purple Monkey AA has soothing effects resulting from having both the properties of indica and sativa. Your body feels a tingling sensation that makes you feel giggly and happy inside. You will feel much more comfortable with yourself and stray away from negative thoughts. Later, the sedative characteristic will help you relax and wind down. It enables you to release a wide range of emotions. Once these features get through, there are usually two outcomes: hunger or sleep.


Get to know more about the Purple Monkey strain

This indica dominant bud has what you’re craving and relieves many symptoms

Here at Speed Greens, we offer Purple Monkey as an AA+ strain compared to A+ strains that other dispensaries. It is a mixture of Grand Daddy Purple, a Northern California strain, and Deep Chunk, an Afghani Indica strain. It is referred to as a hybrid because of its 50/50 ratio of sativa to indica. It has a THC potency of 19%, which is why it has its relaxing features. Because of its combinations, you get the grape aroma and sweet flavor. It also has hints of berry and earthy flavors. People also notice a dank odor after it’s lit. Buy weed online to experience the wonderful qualities of the Purple Monkey strain.

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  1. Great daytime or evening high for a great price! Nice and relaxed but still functional.

  2. Fire batch of smalls here! Love the sweet fruity and earthy nose and it tastes just like it smells! Smoked a tiny bowl before a workout and put me in the perfect mood to get shit done. Pretty little crystal coverd nugs with touches of purple just like the pics here on speed greens. Grab a bag you wont be dissapouinted.

  3. This strain gave me a strong high that felt very mellow with no anxiety! Couch sinking stuff for sure but also good for activities I’ve found :)

  4. very nice strain. love the flavor and the pungent smell

  5. Love It!!!!! I’m feeling like this is my favorite strain to smoke. I enjoy everything about the high.

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