Purple Drank (AAAA)

EFFECTS: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Hungry, Giggly
HELPS WITH: PTSD, Insomnia, Appetite, Stress

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Experience the potency of these hybrid strains

Discover the amazing all-around effects of Purple Drank AAAA. These fantastic hybrid strains have it all – flavours, high, and aesthetic. Its high potency will have you forgetting your negative thoughts. Why bother looking for any other cannabis? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to buy weeds online! Shop now!


Let these hybrid strains envelope you with its benefits

You need a break from wear and tear; Purple Drank is your answer!

Purple Drank’s potent delivery of cannabinoids makes it the perfect companion against your stubborn conditions. Experience what it feels like as you find relief from your physical and mental problems. Use these powerful hybrid strains to medicate against inflammation, chronic pain, and migraines. You’ll find that its psychoactive properties help calm instances of anxiety, depression, and stress. You might discover that it lowers your cravings for other things such as alcohol! Use it to ease your fatigue temporarily or before you go to bed if you have insomnia. These hybrid strains are no joke!


Discover the amazing sensations of these hybrid strains!

Purple Drank’s potent THC concentration gives rise to a wide variety of effects!

The 50/50 nature of these hybrid strains gives you the effects of both sativa and indica. The high starts with an energizing boost that leaves your senses aroused. You’ll feel much more creative and focused during this time so that you can get work out of the way. As the high continues, you’ll feel giggly and friendly. The tingling sensations you enjoy will start to become an overwhelming calm that settles you down. You can soothe away your problems as you lay down and relax. The full-body experience you get will pretty much be the rest of your high! Because of its high THC content, you’ll expect to pass out! Let these hybrid strains calm your nerves and give you the euphoric high you deserve.


Get to know more about these fascinating hybrid strains

Knockout with the settling properties that you can get from this amazing strain!

Purple Drank is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50:50 sativa to indica) that crosses Purple Punch and Mendo Breath F2. These hybrid strains contain an incredibly high THC average of 23-26%. This top-shelf bud has everything you’re looking for. It ranks highly in its aesthetic, flavour, and high. When lit, you can immediately taste the sweet and fruity sensations with touches of sourness and tropical fruits. The bud is long with peppery, minty green nugs with orange hairs. It has a coating of white trichomes that litter its surface as well! Give your body a much-needed break. If you’re looking to buy weeds online or quality AAAA buds, our inventory is your best bet!

4 reviews for Purple Drank (AAAA)

4.3 Rating
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  1. First time I bought this I was in love. Then I bought an OZ and it wasns’t as good…

  2. Buds are so dense, lots of pistil, and an amazing high

  3. Still one of my all time favorites.

  4. good looking flower purple and frosty. burns white gold standard for BC bud

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