Puro Alto Full Spectrum CO₂ Oil Disposable CBD Pen (600mg CBD)



Puro Alto CBD vape pens are ideal for those who need their CBD through a more discrete method of delivery. Puro Alto pens utilize vaping technology offering a discreet, cleaner high as it heats the CBD Oil into vapor . Each pen is made with full spectrum CO2 oil measuring to be around a 70/30

Clean and sleek, this CBD disposable vape pen is the perfect on the go companion. Keep it close by for moments when you want to relax without the psychoactive affects from THC.

This CBD Pen is just what you need!

Puro Alto prides itself in making discreet methods to fulfill your cannabis cravings. This CBD pen helps you achieve that CBD sensation that you’ve been chasing! Using the latest and greatest vaping technology, you can’t find a better product! If you’ve been looking for the best vaporizer around, you’ve come to the right place!


Release stress with this potent CBD pen

Relieve your most stubborn aches and pains with Puro Alto’s disposable vape

Puro Alto’s CBD pen acts as a bridge of relief from both your physical and mental conditions. When you’re dealing with chronic or temporary pain, such as inflammation, pain, arthritis, or nerve damage, take a puff. You may also inhibit neuropathic pain due to the relaxing effects. If you feel bogged down by stress and anxiety, CBD is your best friend. Its uplifting and soothing qualities help your mind move away from negative thoughts. This CBD pen might quell your addiction or cravings for alcohol, opiates, and stimulants at times! You can also find that it helps with falling asleep and staying asleep!


This CBD pen gives all the benefits of weed without feeling “high”

Your body will fall into a state of relaxation that you never knew it could!

CBD is an excellent chemical if you’re chasing the relief you want without feeling the effects of a high. Instead, when you first smoke this CBD pen, you’ll get a straight dose of feel-good chemicals. It hits on opioid receptors that control pain and other receptors (glycine) that control serotonin (the feel-good chemical). Because of this CBD pen’s potency, you will find that the uplifting and happy sensations hit quickly. Give yourself enough time to adjust or feel the effects so that you don’t overdo it. Its vapour form makes it much easier for your body to get the sensations it wants! Grab this CBD pen for some fantastic effects.


Puro Alto’s CBD pen might just be for you!

Discover what makes Puro Alto your best vaporizer choice

This CBD pen utilizes the latest vaping technology for a cleaner and more potent delivery of feel-good sensations. As it heats the CBD oil into vapour, it enters your body’s system much more readily than it would smoking or with edibles. This disposable pen contains full spectrum CO₂ oil with a 70:30 indica to sativa ratio. It is extracted from 100% Canadian Hemp for a product you can trust! The clean and sleek look makes it easy to carry it around and smoke at your convenience. It fits in any bag, pocket, or compartment for when you need it most! The Puro Alto cart works on rechargeable batteries, so you need to change the CBD cartridge. If you want the best vaporizer in the market, look in our inventory!


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