Park Fire Kief – (AAAA)


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Get the warmth you crave from hybrid strains

Light up Park Fire kief and elicit the feelings of fire and warmth in your body. It is hybrid strains created by breeding OG Kush and SFG OG bringing 30-35% THC levels. Buy greens like this Indica dominant hybrid kief perfect for enhanced relaxation and good quality sleep.


The perfect hybrid strains to fire up your life

Bring warmth to your life, embrace the strong and potent benefits of these hybrid strains

Park Fire OG hybrid strains are a product made from crossbreeding OG kush and SFG OG to provide a strong potency and effectiveness. Taking this fiery kief gives a feeling of warmth every time. When you take Park Fire kief, you will taste the limonene-powered tang which is very pungent and strong. While the aromas you get are like sour candies, sweet with a skunky gas and pungent earth smell.

Experience the strong, potent sedative effects of Park Fire kief yourself! Buy greens like Park Fire OG kief if you are looking for an effective way to help with the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Mood disorder

Relieve your stress by taking kief from hybrid strains.

Enjoy the euphoric high and relaxing effects of Park Fire kief from OG hybrid strains.

When you smoke or consume Park Fire hybrid strains kief, you might feel pressure at the back of your head, behind the eyes. It will lead to euphoria with a head high. After a few minutes, the body high will start kicking in. Your body high will start in your head, then throughout your body. You will feel all your worries, stress, and problems start to fade away helping you relax more and sleep better. For users with low tolerance, you will get a couch-like state when you take Park Fire OG kief. While experienced users will feel very relaxed which is perfect for sleeping and naps. A reminder that Park Fire kief is very potent and effective, they are not recommended for beginners. Buy greens like Park Fire kief, if you are ready to feel the warmth it brings!


The strong and potent hybrid strains with 30-35% THC levels

Take a closer look at the potent and effective hybrid strains from SpeedGreens

Park Fire Kief came from popular parent strains, OG kush and SFG OG, to make potent hybrid strains. It contains 30-35% THC levels on average making them very potent. These Indica dominant hybrid strains produce chunky and dense buds with forest-green leaves and splashes of purple. When you look at the buds these cannabis plants produce, you will see fiery red pistils beneath the surface. And when you take a closer look at the buds, you will see a thick layer of silver-colored kief. Park Fire OG kief is not just like your ordinary kief, they are premium AAAA grade that will bring warmth to your life! If this is your first time as a weed user, we highly recommend easing your way into using Park Fire kief. They are highly potent. Buy greens when your body and mind are ready for its strong effects. Get yours now at Speed Greens!

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  1. great deal. great buzz too .

  2. wow tastey.great deal on this !!

  3. Great product, no leaf, just beautiful Kief, 100% satisfied

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