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Park Fire (AAAA) Top Shelf



For starters, the high beings in the head. Tokers will feel pressure behind the eyes and at the back of the head. This pressure gradually transforms into euphoria and a buzzing head high before the body stone kicks in. From the head downwards, waves of relaxation wash over the user. You’ll feel all of your stress and troubles burn away under Park Fire OG’s fiery hot smoke. Moving onwards, tokers with lower tolerances will inevitably pass out or get couch-locked. While Advanced tokers with higher tolerances will experience a very relaxing body high that’s perfect for sleep or an afternoon nap, newbies should proceed with caution!
Finally, with such potent, sedative effects, this strain is ideal for medical patients who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety and mood disorders. Rest assured, Park Fire OG will undoubtedly light a fire within your heart!

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  1. This was one of my favorites. I have been trying to keep track & rate all my different orders, so I know which ones were the best to reorder them. This was one the few that are on the top of my list,

  2. Not my cup of tea but not a bad strain at all. If youve ever have Broken Coasts Amnesia Haze, It would be the best way I can describe the taste. I repeat, just the taste not the high. There is no “gassiness” in this strain at all even though the Fire OG is a parent, Which was what I was kinda looking forward too since I like mostly “fuelly” strains.

  3. i like

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