OG 1 Kenobi Kief (AAAA)


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This kief is your only hope!

The OG 1 Kenobi cannabis strain is known for its relaxing effects and pain relief. As a kief, you can bet that its properties are much more potent this time around. You can also add kief to a wide range of your favourite cannabis products to enhance the experience. Speed Greens has you covered if you’re looking to find the buy weed in Canada.


Get a load of the benefits of kief!

It provides comfort when you need it most; try it today!

OG 1 Kenobi is a fantastic strain for a wide variety of conditions bothering you. This potent strain delivers fast relief when you need it most. Because it is a kief, you can expect that it comes even faster. Kief helps with both your physical and psychological conditions. It can be anything from temporary to chronic. Kief helps with pain, arthritis, nerve damage, insomnia, nausea, stress, anxiety, and depression. It offers less of a harsh experience than smoking, but you still get all the goodness of the taste and smell.


OG 1 Kenobi Kief will keep you on your toes

Give your body a sense of relaxation that you've never felt before

Because of the indica profile of OG 1 Kenobi, you’ll find that your body experiences a boost of creativity and euphoria. Kief will allow for an immediate uplifting and euphoric effect that leaves you stimulated, energetic, and artistically inclined. Because of the concentrated nature of this strain, you can expect that you might experience a psychedelic outcome that you are sure to enjoy. Kief lets you unwind all the stress of the day. Get your OG 1 Kenobi Kief today!


Find out what OG 1 Kenobi Kief has to offer you!

Let kief be another amazing decision you made for yourself; try it today!

Kief is so versatile in its uses that it would be a no-brainer to get it. Combine kief with your favourite cannabis products to enhance the flavour or smell. You’re bound for an amazing time. Here are some examples that you should try:

OG 1 Kenobi is an indica dominant strain that most likely developed from an OG Kush backcross. It has an earthy and pungent flavour with a herbal aroma that your nose will love. If you’re looking to buy weed in Canada, get it online here at Speed Greens. Don’t wait!

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