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Cookies Kush
is a indica dominant hybrid strain created as a cross of the delicious Girls Scout Cookies X Rolex Kush strains. This bud was bred to be sold in coffee shops in Amsterdam and offers a moderate THC level that ranges from 15-18% on average with a CBD level between 1-3%. The high brought on by Cookies Kush can be slightly confusing to some, as it involves the coming together of opposite effects. Upon the onset, you’ll be hit with an immediate sedative effect that leaves you red-eyed and lethargic. This is accompanied by a sativa cerebral stimulation that gives you mellow waves of energy. In other words, you’ll be lazy and at ease, yet energized enough to function if need be. Because of these effects, Cookies Kush is said to be ideal for treating patients with stomach cramps, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and depression. Cosmic Collision buds have medium-sized grape-shaped olive green nugs with bright minty green patches and fiery orange hairs. Each nug is dusted with translucent trichomes and sweet sticky resin. This bud has an aroma of sweet pungent lime and a taste of sweet lime with an aftertaste akin to a sour granny smith apple.

Nektr Live Resin:

Live Resin is an extraction form of a cannabis flower that contains the highest level of terpenes preserved within the Butane Hash Oil. Live resin often offers the best flavor profile compared to any other BHO extractions. It calls for freezing freshly harvested marijuana buds and freezing them under subcritical temperatures before the actual extraction process. The freezing part of the process retains the majority of the terpenes and maintains the taste and flavours of the cannabis flower with this extraction method.

Nektr Extracts is looking to bring an elevated experience to the world of concentrates. Simply put, a premium product and full transparency.

By proudly using only BC’s finest bud you not only get an experience that is unbelievably aromatic, fully flavoured and clean tasting which will have your senses firing on all cylinders; but also a product which is safe and consistent.

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Buy resin for the sedative impact

Cookie Kush by Nektr Extracts is a tasty indica dominant hybrid strain produced by crossing the excellent Girls Scout Cookies and Rolex Kush strains. Live resin is an amazing concentrate that preserves the flavours and aroma of the original plant. Discover its amazing sensations when you buy resin.


Looking sweet treat for your mild aches and pains? Buy resin!

Say goodbye to most physical and mental ailments with Cookie Kush

This indica strain gets complemented with a sativa brain stimulation that provides calm energy waves. To put it another way, you’ll be lethargic and at ease yet being stimulated enough to function if necessary. Cookies Kush is great for alleviating stomach cramps, chronic pain, muscular spasms, and depression because of these properties. This live resin is known for alleviating certain abdominal pains such as stomach cramps, chronic muscular spasms and the like. It promotes sleepiness and mental relaxation, as well as clarity. Buy resin today from SpeedGreens!


Buy resin for the sedative effects!

The high cannabinoid content which will make you sleepy, red-eyed and drowsy

The high begins with a soothing lift that fills your head with pure happiness, relieving any mental aches and pains and putting you at ease. This relaxing effect will quickly spread throughout the rest of your body, leaving you completely relaxed and content with your surroundings. It will soon become tranquil and sleepy, causing you to nod asleep at times.

Cookies Kush’s high maybe a little perplexing for some, as it includes the convergence of opposing effects. You’ll experience an immediate sedative impact that will make you red-eyed and sluggish. This indica dominant hybrid is excellent for people who want to feel the sedative effect that leaves you tired and lethargic. It’s best to use it to melt away stress at the end of the day.


Buy resin for the sweet pungent lime fragrance and flavor

The delicious pungent lime aroma and granny apple aftertaste will be satisfying

The live resin has a sweet pungent lime scent and a sweet lime flavor with a tart granny smith apple aftertaste while giving you a high you’ll surely remember. Live resin extraction uses a way to preserve all the properties of the flower so you can get a powerful high that is sure to last. The cannabinoid and terpene content of these cannabis concentrations are much higher in these prodcuts. Buy resin today at Speed Greens for quality and authentic cannabis concentrates you can trust.

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  1. I can’t tell you this is a strong stuff, cause that is an understatement. It had me nearly unable to carry on a conversation and/or move for about 4 hours. so yeah….

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