Maui Wowie Budder (AAAA)


Maui Waui aka Maui Mowie is a classic sativa with tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities will float you straight to the shores of Hawaii where this strain was originally born and raised. Since its beginnings in the island’s volcanic soil, Maui Wowie has spread across the world to bless us with its sweet pineapple flavors and high-energy euphoria. Lightweight sativa effects allow your mind to drift away to creative escapes, while Maui Wowie’s motivating, active effects may be all you need to get outside and enjoy the sun.

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28gm = $700

28 reviews for Maui Wowie Budder (AAAA)

4.6 Rating
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  1. very nice product

  2. This is my all time favorite Budder, hands down! I have tried quite a few different budder strains and this one just hits different. It has a wonderful fruity taste and the high is nice and relaxing. Highly recommended ❤

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  3. This is my favorite budder ever. Such a nice clean buzz. Tastes great and the effects last for quite some time. Certainly hope that this brand of budder stays around for a long time.

  4. The budder is wonderful. I opened this stuff up and took a big whiff, looked at my girlfriend and stuck it in her face for her to take a big whiff too. It was quite aromatic. Rolled some craft reserve flower with about a half gram of this Maui Wowie. Her and I went out back and smoked it. It all burned beautifully and what an amazing buzz. It tasted pretty earthy and hit us heavy. Delicious budder. A must have for its satisfying be earthy taste. Thanks.

  5. Tastes nice. Clear buzz but not very strong. Good for day smoking

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