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LSO Black Breath (AAAA)


Black Breath is a super rare indica strain. This hard to find bud brings on the potency, with a THC level that bottoms out at about 19-20% on average and dazzling full bodied effects. Black Breath comes on pretty quickly after your first few hits, filling your mind and body with a happy tingly effect. This tingle quickly turns into a full on buzz, washing over you physically and pulling you down into a heavy couch-locked body high. As you lose your physical form to happy sedation, your mind will lift into a state of hazy euphoria that leaves you unable to focus and pretty sleepy at times. Thanks to these nighttime effects and its high THC level, Black Breath is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms or cramps, and chronic stress. This bud has a sweet vanilla caramel candy flavor and a fresh earthy aroma to match.Black Breath buds have lumpy round minty green nugs with furry orange hairs and a thick frosty coating of tiny bright white crystal trichomes.(LSO) Living Soil is a growing method centered on the microbial life inside the soil. Through evolution over thousands of years, Mother Nature has developed a symbiotic relationship between the plants and the microbial life in the soil: fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and many other types. These microorganisms form a soil food web that help feed the plants, in exchange from carbons and sugars that the plant releases (extrudes) through their roots into the soil. In this organic style of growing, the power is given back to the plants, who as living beings have evolved over time to learn to feed their own needs by finding what they require in the soil in which they live. It is this ecosystem in the soil and its relationship with the plant that we call living soil.

Grade: AAAA

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Living Soil Organics (LSO) is a natural way to grow cannabis. LSO Black Breath AAAA is an amazing strain with relaxing effects for that incredible high! Every puff will have you bringing it back for more! For the best place to order weed online, you’ve come to the right place! Don’t wait!


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Black Breath has plenty of medicinal benefits to ease your aches and pains!

These dense, top-shelf nugs give you a wealth of benefits to tackle your problems! Leave it to these powerful indica strains to relieve both your physical and mental conditions. Its properties are a calming agent against chronic and temporary pain such as inflammation, nerve damage, and arthritis. Its euphoric effects help you lower anxiety, stress and depression symptoms. It’s incredibly high THC level helps calm your nerves while giving you a continuous dose of satisfaction. These indica strains help you sleep and keep you sleeping for longer, especially if you have insomnia!


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LSO is a cultivation method that enables cannabis to grow the way nature intended, with no pesticides, GMO additives, or additional chemicals! The cannabis is grown on live, organic soil. The plant feeds on organic nutrients, beneficial bacteria, and other microorganisms, which cause the flavours to become much richer, and the terpenes get stronger. The result is a denser, more beautiful, and more complex plant ready for you to enjoy!

Black Breath is a super rare indica strain that crosses Blackberry Kush and Meat Breath. It comes with a THC level that averages around 19-20% for that high you want to chase! It has a sweet, candy flavour with notes of vanilla and caramel. You can find that the buds are lumpy and round and minty green in colour. These indica strains have orange hairs that litter all around with a frosty coating of trichomes! If you’re looking to order weed online, make us your #1 choice.

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  1. Some of the best weed I smoked rock hard buds caked with crystals

  2. Excellent for the price!

  3. Very cakey buds. Good colour and tight dense nugs. Clean high all around would buy again

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