LINX HERMES 2 Vaporizer


LINX HERMES 2 Vaporizer


One of the smallest pens in the market, Hermes 2 measures at 110.3mm (4.34 inch) in length and 10.5 (0.41 inch) in diameter that can easily fit in the palm of your hand.


Hermes 2 is constructed with a glass tanked atomizer, and a stainless steel shell and mouthpiece. The whole vapor path is free of glues and paints.  It looks and feels sleek and delivers large clean cloud.


The updated design of the Hermes 2 atomizer allows for easy loading.  Simply pull off the mouthpiece and drip your products into the tank.  No syringe or special loading tools needed.

Package Includes:

1 LINX Hermes 2 Refillable Atomizer
1 LINX Hermes 2 Battery
1 LINX Hermes 2 Mouthpiece
1 USB Charger
1 Carrying Box

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