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Left Coast Gummies | Nanotechnology (125mg – 1200mg THC)



Left Coast Gummy Co is a leading cannabis multi-province operator, focusing on customer experience, product innovation, and organic brand building. Left Coast is the market leader in high potency products across multiple product categories.


Left Coast Gummy Co. combines nanotechnology and taste to create the ultimate edibles (90% Organic)

Left Coast Gummy Co is a premium edible brand that offers customers a superior flavour experience using natural fruit oils and we do not compromise on potency as all of our nano-emulsified products have a rapid onset and are unrivalled in bioavailability/effectiveness
(5x as effective as conventional THC meaning a 50mg Left Coast dose is as effective as a competitor’s 250mg dose)

Left Coast Gummy Co. Gummies contain 90% Organic Ingredients: Natural Spring Water, Gelatin, Organic Cane Sugar, Proprietary Organic Cannabis Extract, Citric Acid, Natural Flavours and Colours.


Find out why nano-emulsion creates a better edibles experience for users

Nano-emulsion technology offers several significant benefits when used to create cannabis edibles. This technology involves breaking down cannabinoids and other active compounds into tiny nanoparticles that are then dispersed in water. Overall, nano-emulsion technology presents a promising approach for creating cannabis edibles that offer improved bioavailability, rapid onset, accurate dosing, better taste, and enhanced stability, ultimately providing a more satisfying and predictable consumer experience.


Experience a higher experience with thc edibles made using nano-emulsion technology

Using nano-emulsion technology to create cannabis edibles offers several benefits. The technology breaks down cannabinoids into tiny nanoparticles, resulting in faster onset of effects and increased bioavailability. This leads to more potent and efficient effects with smaller doses, precise dosing, and a shorter duration of effects. Additionally, nano-emulsions improve the taste and texture of edibles, enhance water compatibility, and provide a stable and consistent product. However, individual responses may vary, so responsible use and adherence to dosing guidelines are important for a safe experience.



Learn more about why thc edibles created using nano-emulsion technology is superior

Supported by proven study, researchers discovered that absorption of THC from traditional edibles can be as low as 6%. With that being said, from a 25mg THC edible, a consumer will only feel the effects of about 1.5 mg of THC.

Moreover, researchers investigated the absorption rate of cannabinoids after the process of nano-emulsion. The same figure of 25 mg was absorbed at a rate of over 90%. This means that from a 25mg THC edible, consumers successfully absorb approximately 22.5mg of THC content.

Beyond increasing the absorption rate of cannabinoids, researchers also concluded that nano-emulsion reduces the amount of time needed for absorption in the gut. The maximum blood concentration of cannabinoids was reached 3X faster with cannabis products infused with nano-emulsified cannabinoids than those without.


125MG – 20 pieces @ 6.25mg THC

150MG – 6 pieces @ 25mg THC

600MG – 6 pieces @ 100mg THC

1200MG – 6 pieces @ 200mg THC

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1 review for Left Coast Gummies | Nanotechnology (125mg – 1200mg THC)

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  1. Kind of a weird taste but is still a great edible. For people whose edibles hit hard, this will FUCk you up, if you don’t feel much from edibles this is good for a low-key chill high. I took this before work and it hit midway through and I was chilling, felt like a good functioning high. On the other hand, my friend became one with the couch after having half so tread lightly with this, know your limits and eat within it.

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