Kaboom (S) (AA) – Sativa Indica Hybrid

Grade AA+
EFFECTS Energetic, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative
HELPS WITH Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Migraine

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Sativa indica hybrid with an explosive head rush

Kaboom delivers a sensational high that arouses all your senses. Entangle your mind in a frenzy. Kaboom is a sativa indica hybrid strain that leans heavily on the sativa side. If you wish to find cannabis online, shop now at Speed Greens.


Sativa indica hybrid that offers plenty of medicinal benefits

An excellent choice for anyone who wants to enhance their mind and body

Kaboom AA offers plenty of medicinal benefits. It has physical and psychoactive properties that make it perfect for medical applications. The physical applications can be given to those suffering from chronic pains and aches. It helps reduce inflammations which can help with stress on the extremities. It helps reduce inflammations which can help with stress, headaches, and other causes of long-term pain. The cerebral boost it gives can help you focus, which can aid those with ADD/ADHD. Kaboom also helps those who suffer from a loss of appetite or gastrointestinal diseases, such as Crohn’s. The psychoactive properties in this sativa indica hybrid provide an uplift in mood that can help those that suffer from anxiety disorders or even bouts of depression.


Encounter the effects of this sativa indica hybrid throughout your body

A whole-body experience that will give you an incredible mind and body high

Kaboom offers an energizing boost that will urge you to tackle whatever you need to be doing in the day. At the onset of the first smoke, you will experience a high unlike no other. Its exhilarating properties will give your mind a moment of clarity. You’ll find yourself much more focused and have an increasing sense of concentration. You might even find moments of creativity burst through. Even experienced users feel the effects of this sativa indica hybrid. Once the cerebral high settles, you can feel much more euphoric and happy. The soothing feeling you get will help you settle down after that large burst of energy.


Find out about the beautiful sativa indica hybrid strain

Find out why it has such an incredible impact on your senses!

Kaboom is a sativa indica hybrid strain that combines Jack’s Cleaner and Vortex strains. It leans heavily on the sativa side with an 85:15 sativa to indica ratio and contains a moderate THC content of 16%. The buds are pear-shaped, with amber hairs littered throughout the bud. It has a lovely olive color that is covered in resin. When lit, it gives off an incredibly skunky smell, but there are notes of lemon that stick out. Just like its aroma, its taste is just the same. It has an earthy pine flavor with lemony notes. Find cannabis online at Speed Greens for all your cannabis needs.

27 reviews for Kaboom (S) (AA) – Sativa Indica Hybrid

4.5 Rating
1-5 of 26 reviews
  1. I bought an ounce while it was on sale and (1 month ago) and i love it. it taste good and for 70 $ it is Worth the money

  2. nice buds, nice high, got a half ounce and every bud has seeds in them, wasn’t to impressed with that

  3. Excellent delivery, interesting smoke – a little high on the sativa side for me (85/15) – I overindulged the first day and got a wee bit hyper/anxious (oops). Excellent daytime buzz when you consume your appropriate amount – calming and energizing – good combo!

  4. its got bag appeal, strong too.
    compare to the other sativa strain AA+ i ordered this month this one was top dog.

  5. Great stuff! Gives a good high, smells good and is strong!

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