Island Maui Haze (AAAA)



Island Maui Haze has a creative high that makes you feel energized. It is a creeper that slowly and gradually affects your system, but its prominent Sativa high is quite long lasting. It is a Sativa dominant medicinal marijuana strain. It has very dense and small buds that are forest green in color and contain huge crystals with bright orange colored hair. It has a weird, sour and pungent odor that smells like beach and diesel. Its flavor is quite different too and is a blend of sour, earthy and vanilla flavors. Island Maui Haze has a 22 percent THC level, 0.2 percent CBD level and 0.56 percent CBN level. This strain takes time for casting its complete effects on your body. As soon as it settles in your body, it produces an energetic and uplifting high. It does not make your mind foggy but helps you think clearly. Island Maui haze is excellent for treating migraines and headaches. Depression and anxiety patients can use it for curing their stress and nervousness as well. It can also be used for treating different types of pains along with insomnia. This strain has relieving effects on seizures, fatigue and loss of appetite as well.

Grade: AAAA+
THC: 22%
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Energetic, Creative
HELPS WITH: Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Depression

3.5g – $37

7g – $65

14g – $120

28g – $225

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4.8 Rating
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  1. This has been one of my most go to’s since Speed Greens no longer carry’s the actual Maui Wowie that they once has. I have recently ordered some Maui Wowie smalls which have been given a 3 star rating as opposed to the former 4 star+ rating? I am curious to get this product which has taken from the 17th of December to supposedly today December 29th. I always try to order before I run out. well this time I ran out on the 25th. So I was stuck buying from the useless pot stores in Winnipeg. One was a bit better called Garden Variety but expensive none the less, the worst was META. I hope my Speed Greens comes today. I can’t afford buying in pot stores that sell crap. The products in the stores are most often under weight, definitely not up to the write us, in fact one must be sure to know what you got before you leave. I went yesterday, bought some Sativa hybrid that was supposedly rated at 25% THC and like .5 mg CBD, I was almost ready to leave with it, because you have to pay before it before you can look, and if you don’t look and trust the useless clerk and leave the building it’s yours. Well now somehow “they” checked the ml (they measure weed tat way somehow) and it said 21mg, which in plain English means 21% or less. He tried telling me its not the THC that gets you super high??? How would he know unless he smoked it. Anyways I looked at him and said No, this is not what your website advertised! I want my money back. “What web site?” he asked. I said that I had placed the order online as cash pick up??? So he refunded me (not very happily) as it had not even left the counter, all I did was read the ingredients potency so to say and it was way below 25%. Here’s the bottom line, lots of places sell weed, they claim high %’s of THC yet my experience (And as a 2 gram a day smoker for the past 54 years this spring) is that no matter who I buy from I try to buy the highest rated THC and then just for arguments sake I subtract anywhere from 3-5% of whatever they say the THC dominance is. So far most of Speed Green products measure u. Both items I ordered were 4 star items but according to the page it said all they had left was the smalls (seems everybody is running out of high potency products other than the derivatives which really hurts my throat too much and the buzz doesn’t last like good weed or hash. )

  2. Always consistent. Always good weed. I like getting really high, this always gets me there. But the Boveda packs are a rip off. Most places use those instead of ill bottles which are not air tight and are bulky to carry around. Duuuunh!

  3. Since the Maui Wowie seems to be always out of stock this Island Maui Haze along with the San Francisco Sour Dough are my go to’s. The are always consistent and meet my needs. I like getting really high, not just a Rinky dinky buzz taht wears off too quickly (Indica dominants are like that) and have got to smoke a spliff every 1/2 hr stuff….bleeech!

  4. This is a deadly sativa so good. Never tried it before but wow was truly impressed but put away before dark if you wanna sleep or keep rippin all night if you wanna party.

  5. nice herb

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