Herbivores Cherry Cola CBD Gummies (150mg CBD)



Cannabis infused CHERRY COLA gummy candy.

*6 candies per pack (25mg each = 150mg total)



Enjoy the delight of Cherry Cola CBD gummies

You can be confident that each delicious Cherry Cola gummy is packed with the most nutrient-rich CBD oil available anywhere today, thanks to the organically grown hemp used for our CBD oil and a proprietary extraction process that preserves more of the beneficial hemp compounds than any other extraction method. Experience the wonderful tastes of these CBD gummies!


These CBD gummies ease your most challenging symptoms

Give yourself some much-needed rest with the benefits offered by Herbivores

So, what can you expect when you start using CBD gummies for the first time? CBD has a wide range of advantages. CBD gummies are the most convenient and delicious way to get your daily CBD dose. Taking gummies on a daily basis can help with a variety of issues, including pain relief, better sleep, reduced tension and anxiety, and more! You’ll also notice a sensation of calm and relaxation, as well as better sleep and a reduction in stressors. When requesting the correct dosage, always visit a doctor.


Experience the slow kick with these CBD gummies

Enjoy the relaxing sense of calm without getting the "high" of THC

Is it Possible to Feel CBD? Unlike many other natural medicines, CBD has an effect on your body that you will notice. It takes 15-45 minutes to notice a difference after using CBD. Keep in mind that CBD isn’t like THC in that it doesn’t make you feel “high,” but it does have a calming and relaxing impact. CBD works as an adaptogen, or “agent that supports the body’s ability to adjust changing physical and emotional pressures,” to impact more of what your body needs while encouraging overall health and fitness. CBD gummies work by activating the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, in our brain and immune system via a channel of receptors in our central and peripheral nerve systems.


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The wonders of the best edibles keep you coming back for more!

Adaptogens are plants or extracts that aid in the body’s adaptation to stress and biological changes, such as immune system activity. CBD, on the other hand, is a molecule, not a plant or extract. However, regardless of the label, CBD products exhibit the same tendencies as proven adaptogens. CBD extracts’ effects vary – even contradict – depending on your body’s needs, according to their adaptogenic properties. During the day, for example, your brain will be more active, so you may have a clearer mind and greater energy. Get the best edibles in your system today.

4 reviews for Herbivores Cherry Cola CBD Gummies (150mg CBD)

4.8 Rating
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  1. Great product the taste is on point to what it says!

  2. Tastes just like the cola bottles I used to have as a kid. No weed taste and doesn’t get stuck to your teeth. Excellent choice.

  3. These bring me back to my childhood with an adult kick. Great tasting pure nostalgic feeling with each bite. Will restock more and try other lfavors too.

  4. For someone dont want to use the main strain, this is a really good choice, easy to swallow, taste perfect with sugar, the high is simple and dont confuse like the main one. Love it, i would order this again.

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