Herbivores Bubblegum Bottles (150mg CBD)


CBD infused bubblegum  gummy candy.

*6 candies per pack (25mg each/150mg total)

**Please note that some gummies may melt during transport due to the extreme heat.**

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Sit back and relax with these CBD edibles

Pain relief has never been this enjoyable and relaxing! When you ingest Herbivores Bubblegum CBD edibles, you can say goodbye to all the pain you feel while helping improve your physical and mental health. Don’t miss out on these concentrated edibles. Purchase yours today here at our licensed and established weed shop!


Cannabis edibles have never been this convenient and easy

Experience the relief, quickly, anywhere you are just by ingesting a cannabis edible gummy.

CBD edibles offer another level of aid

Herbivores Edibles has a variety pack that will touch on the nostalgia of when you were younger. These CBD edibles help you get that hit you’ve been searching for. These flavourful Cola Variety Pack will leave you wanting more. For the best selection of CBD online Canada offers, Speed Greens is your #1 choice!


These cannabis edibles calm your worst symptoms without hassle

Release the negativity in your mind and body for a better mental and physical health

CBD Edibles have a variety of effects

Promote feel-good sensations with Herbivores Edibles

Get a new frame of mind without having to smoke. CBD lets you enjoy all the benefits of weed without getting the high associated with it. Herbivores Edibles gives you the chance to recharge and boosts your energy as it relieves issues that might hold you back. CBD works with the serotonin system to help you be more emotionally stable and focused. Your body will feel less stressed and anxious, and your mood will be at ease. These familiar treats will help you get that new frame of mind back and running. If you’re looking for a way to wind down for the day, you will love Herbivores CBD Edibles.


We have all you need to know about Herbivores cannabis edibles!

Make sure you don't feel any pain, anxiety, or insomnia without getting too intoxicated

CBD Edibles are loaded with benefits

It’s never a bad idea to delve into the world of CBD with gummies

Herbivores Edibles is a fantastic and discreet way to ease your stubborn aches and pains. These problems can arise through physical and mental stress, ranging from temporary to chronic conditions. Pop one of the CBD edibles and find quick relief without the high of THC in cannabis. You can use it to ease physical ailments, inflammation, headaches, and chronic pain. You can alleviate problems involving anxiety, stress, and depression. You could even pop one when you feel that your appetite hasn’t been the same. If you think that you’re having trouble sleeping at night, you can get that restful sleep that you’ve been chasing.


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